A reader expresses his concerns about the professional training program

I am writing about the March 30 article announcing a professional training partnership between SK Siltron CSS and Delta College. This letter pertains to funding requirements for Michigan’s New Jobs Training Program.

According to the article, employers who train employees for free through this program must pay 175% of the Michigan minimum wage. That works out to $17.27 per hour. According to Michigan.gov, the program requirement is “at least 175% or $12.95 per hour.” There is no mention of a benefit requirement.

The type of training eligible for this program also needs to be clarified, since “contract and professional services” are listed. Several states have recently proposed legislation to address abusive practices in the temp industry. Michigan has yet to do so. These practices have led to explosive profits for the temporary staffing industry.

My concern is with the clarity and lack of program requirements, or reporting on them, to support real economic growth. This should include requirements to protect a citizen’s investment (time, effort and sacrifice) in training and subsequent worker rights.

This is especially true when that third partner invests in specialized non-transferable training.



Ryan H. Bowman