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“Recorded learning for Financial business partners will help ensure diverse and skilled teams are ready to fill finance roles now and in the future,” said WE Secretary of Labor Marty Walch. “Registered apprenticeship is a proven model and a solid investment for employers looking to develop a talented and diverse workforce. Today’s signing reflects the department’s continued commitment to expanding registered apprenticeship programs in high-growth and emerging industries.

These employer signatures coincide with National Apprenticeship Week (November 14-20, 2022), a national celebration where leaders from industry, labour, equity, labor, education and government hold events to showcase the successes and value of learnings recorded for rebuild the economy, advance racial and gender equity, and support underserved communities.

“We wanted a cohesive program that immerses employees in the experience beyond the traditional upskilling methodology. A consistent and continuous opportunity for talent development across the group,” said Paul YoungSenior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Liberty Bank situated at Middletown, Connecticut. “The program allows employees from all walks of their career development to participate in the program with cohorts at their learning level, complemented by a strong mentorship program. And that’s powerful because it helps ensure the success and attracts the whole organization.”

Benefits of Recorded Learning for Financial business partners ( to understand:

For employers, apprenticeship programs –

– Are career development programs that establish a pool of employees that employers can grow and monitor over time to dramatically increase the odds of developing a highly engaged, more skilled, long-term employee.

– Are a talent pipeline management tool, which allows organizations to develop, in addition to buying talent, and in doing so, take control of how they meet the current and future needs of their organization and improve recruitment.

– Broaden the pool of candidates by offering experiences and training that the candidate may not initially have, and allow employers to consider a wider range of candidates.

For apprentices, these programs allow them to earn a salary while they learn and benefit from exposure to more career development and mentorship opportunities.

“Our people are the heart of our firm. We are committed to creating a culture of opportunity for our colleagues that makes them feel more relevant, connected and valued to help them reach their full professional potential,” said mike neller, Global Controller at Aon. “We are excited to make this program available to our finance colleagues, to help them learn essential skills, earn their CGMA designation, and chart a path to professional training, mentorship and career growth.”

Research finds that inclusive teams unlock the benefits of diversity by improving team performance by up to 30% in high diversity environments.

“Diversity is a business imperative; when we attract and encourage people from diverse backgrounds and increase their representation in the workplace, we strengthen a company’s business goals,” said Mary Myersfinancial director at HP Inc. “We look forward to being a part of this recorded learning for Financial business partners program as an offering of our Financial Cohort program launched in 2023 with the hiring of graduates from historically black colleges and universities/HBCUs to generate more diverse and equitable talent within our team.

For more information on the apprenticeship program, visit AICPA’s Financial Business Partner Apprenticeship or email [email protected].

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