All MUT 23 Rewards, Tiers, Competitive Schedule, Ultimate & More

We have news on the new addition of Madden 23 Field Pass in Ultimate Team this year and we are going to share it with you.

This new format will add additional layers of competition and provide players with rewards for completing challenges in MUT 23.

So how does it work? We will talk about it below.

Madden 23 Field Pass Preview

Field Pass in Madden 23 is a new addition to the Ultimate Team platform. It will provide a path to progression, rewarding players along the way.

There are three main types of Field Passes: Seasonal, Competitive, and program-specific Ultimate Team Passes. We will go into more detail on these below.

Get ready for action: Field Pass brings an extra dimension to MUT.

A seasonal feature of the Madden 23 Field Pass will give players 60 days to level up and earn a ton of rewards. This plan was revealed to everyone during the EA Gridiron notes posted here.

The first thing we are going to cover since this is the most important part is the seasons.

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Field Pass Season Preview

As we mentioned above, there are 60 days in each Season of Madden 23 Field Pass. With that, there are 60 levels to earn each season.

By completing specific objectives, you will earn rewards ranging from coins, packs, uniforms, and even a high OVR player item. The first season of MUT 23 will begin with the launch of the game.

MUT SEASONS: level up for 60 days and earn rewards all the time

As you can see, the first rewards have already been revealed in the latest Gridiron Notes. The Tier 2 reward is a Coach John Madden item and we wonder how coaches will play in MUT 23.

Other Madden 23 Field Pass challenges have also been revealed:

  • Score 25 touchdowns in any mode
  • Score 50 touchdowns in any mode
  • Score 100 touchdowns in any mode
  • Score 250 touchdowns in any mode
  • Score 75 points in any mode

The next Field Pass tier is Competitive Pass, which is also available at launch.

Competitive Pass Season Preview

The new Madden 23 Field Pass Competitive Pass includes objectives specific to our most competitive modes.

You can level up by playing Solo Battles, H2H Seasons, Squads Seasons, or MUT Champions and earn rewards along the way.

MUT 23 HUB: challenges and solo battles will bring you a ton of rewards

High OVR Player Cards in Madden 23 Ultimate Team are what players will work towards as they progress through the Competitive Pass.

The Competitive Pass will refresh every two weeks, giving you more time to work your way through the rewards track.

Program specific pass

The final area of ​​the Madden 23 Field Pass is the program specific area, starting with the MUT 23 headliners.

These program-specific passes will have their own program-related rewards and goals.

COMPETITIVE HUB: It’s almost time to earn rewards in MUT 23

The good news about the Madden 23 Competitive Field Pass and Schedule is that it will also help you level up in the Season Pass.

If you want to pre-order Madden 23 so you can get started in MUT 23 quickly, follow this link.

Madden 23 release date

Madden 23 confirmed release date is August 19, 2022, which is only a few weeks away. The good news is that you can play early with a pre-order.

There are several editions of Madden 23 to pre-order, a few of which will give you the chance to get early access.

PRE-ORDER REWARDS: The All Madden Edition offers a ton of rewards

With tons of pre-order rewards, getting the All Madden Edition will give you the chance to start earning Madden 23 Field Pass Tiers.

To discover all of this year’s awards, go here.

Ryan H. Bowman