Appian unveils low-code certification program in Australia

Appian announced a program to provide the next generation of low-code developers with access to low-code training and certification to foster career opportunities.

The free program will provide eligible participants with a clear path to learning low-code technology and allow them to pass their Appian Certified Associate Developer exam.

The company intends to issue a minimum of 1,000 #lowcode4all scholarships globally this year.

Citing research from Morgan Stanley, Appian says there are currently 26 million total developers worldwide and the industry is expected to need 38 million by 2024.

Additionally, Appian notes that low-code technology is one of the fastest growing industries and will fill the gap needed because everyone is able to learn it.

Acknowledging research from Gartner, Appian also reports that 70% of new applications developed by enterprises will use low-code or no-code technologies, an increase from less than 25% in 2020.

The #lowcode4all scholarship program empowers anyone to pursue a career in low-code by breaking down financial barriers.

The program will initially be available to current undergraduate and graduate students as well as students who have interrupted their studies or those who are unemployed or seeking a career change.

Additionally, Appian has created a new Low-Code Ready badge for the program that will be shareable on LinkedIn and indicates to potential employers that the candidate is low-code trained and ready for employment in the industry.

Program participants will also receive a voucher for the certification exam after earning the badge.

Additionally, once they achieve Appian Certified Associate Developer status, participants will be able to contact recruiters through the #lowcode4all Hiring Partner Network to help them with resumes, interview tips, and other resources.

“The Australian economy needs more developers. The ease of learning low-code allows people to change careers, update their skills, and improve their circumstances,” said Matt Calkins, CEO of Appian.

“Appian is committed to making low-code careers accessible to everyone.”

Key Appian partners such as Procensol support the #lowcode4all program across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

This will allow partners to raise awareness of the program to target communities and include them in the #lowcode4all hiring network to help place graduates into jobs.

“Australia needs to increase its pool of talented developers to meet the needs of the local market,” said Procensol chief executive Dan Cooke.

“As more organizations seek low-code-based applications, initiatives like Appian’s #lowcode4all program will help open new avenues for the next generation of software engineering talent.

“We look forward to supporting the program and welcoming graduates to the industry and our team in the future.”

As part of #lowcode4all, Appian is also establishing the #lowcode4all coalition, which will include a diverse mix of nonprofits, businesses, and academics to help the program reach all eligible participants.

Ryan H. Bowman