AskNicely Launches Referral Program for Service Companies to Improve Their Customer Experience

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AskNicely, a leader in customer experience software for service businesses, today announced the launch of a free CX benchmark program for service businesses. Starting with a series of quick questions, an AskNicely CX expert provides a personalized analysis for service business leaders – based on the results of the 2022 AskNicely State of the Frontline Study – revealing where they stand about CX leaders and the specific actions they can take to improve CX and ultimately improve revenue growth, customer retention and employee engagement.

“We know service businesses need to scale quickly with their limited budgets and resources. So it’s not your typical CX benchmark – no one has time for a week-long analysis and multi-year improvement plan that probably won’t deliver results,” says AskNicely Founder and CEO Aaron Ward. . “Service companies committed to improving their customer experience can now start with our free benchmarking program to determine where to start today. And they’ll see real estimates of ROI in revenue, customer experience, and employee efficiency from these changes. Our team of CX experts will then work with them to implement a path to success, delivering measurable results 90 days after start-up.

The AskNicely referral program is both quick and simple, yet provides powerful analysis with in-depth insights drawn from the AskNicely 2022 State of Frontline research study, in which a key finding was the clear link between employee experience on the front line and the success of customer experience programs. A commissioned study, the first of its kind, conducted by Metrigy for service companies in North America, Europe and APAC, the results revealed the secrets to their CX success by uncovering four key areas that have the greatest impact on CX:

  • Define and publish your service standard

  • Tracking, sharing and acting on comments

  • Empower and reward frontline employees

  • Personalize coaching to increase training effectiveness

In addition to the referral program, AskNicely has developed several other tools and resources to help service businesses develop top-notch customer experiences that drive results:

  • Frontline Success Masterclasses

  • Education, e-books, guides and more

  • Case studies

  • The Frontline Coaching Handbook

  • Frontline magic community

  • Podcasts and Events

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About AskNicely

Founded in 2014, AskNicely pioneered the Frontline Success Platform, connecting the dots between employee experience, customer experience and revenue growth for service businesses. The industry-leading mobile platform delivers personalized coaching and motivation to frontline workers, fueled by real-time customer feedback, driving enhanced growth through a better customer experience. AskNicely serves over 1,400 companies worldwide and has offices in the United States, New Zealand and the Netherlands. For more information, visit

Ryan H. Bowman