Audinate Launches Dante Ready Licensing Program

Audinate, Sydney-based developer of Dante AV-over-IP technology, has announced the availability of Dante Ready. According to the company, this is a new licensing program that gives customers the ability to purchase and add Dante audio channels to supported products in the field. It thus allows manufacturers to reduce costs at the time of manufacture. Moreover, it gives their customers the option to purchase only the channels needed for an application.

Dante Ready will initially be available for devices using the Dante integrated platform. It is a software implementation of Dante audio designed for Linux-based audio devices. Here, Dante Ready allows customers to activate Dante as online software while devices are in the field. Customers then buy only the Dante audio channels they need, from 2×2 to 64×64. Once activated, the product license never expires. It can also be extended as needed through subsequent purchases. All purchases go through Audinate’s secure payment system.

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“Dante Ready is a win-win solution for manufacturers and audio professionals alike,” said Laurence Crew, senior product manager at Audinate. “…They don’t need to make that decision on an initial purchase, but can activate channels on demand.”

The Dante platform is a complete AV-over-IP solution that transports audio, video, and control data over standard 1 Gb Ethernet networks. More than 3,300 Dante-enabled products from over 500 manufacturers support the platform. -shape, Audinate reveals. Dante replaces analog and digital point-to-point connections with software routing. It also effortlessly sends AV channels anywhere on the network with perfect digital fidelity.

Ryan H. Bowman