Blockchain Data Platform Chainalysis Introduces ‘Crypto Incident Response Program’ » CryptoNinjas

Chainalysis, a blockchain data platform, today announced the launch of Chainalysis Crypto Incident Response Service, a rapid response service for organizations that have been targeted by incidents such as cyber attack, ransomware, market manipulation or another type of exploit involving theft or demand for cryptocurrency.

How it works:

  • An incident occurs (i.e. hack, ransomware, code exploit, flash loan attack) and cryptocurrency funds are either requested or stolen from the organization.
  • Communication is initiated with Chainalysis’ 24/7 hotline protocol.
  • Chainalysis assigns a dedicated team of world-class investigators, cryptocurrency operators, and data scientists to work alongside the organization.
  • The investigation is deployed – the Chainalysis team works around the clock while leveraging advanced capabilities to overcome sophisticated obfuscation techniques, identify funds and label them accordingly.
  • If needed, the Chainalysis team helps liaise with law enforcement and provide expert testimony.

Click here to learn more about the Chainalysis Crypto Incident Response Service.

Ryan H. Bowman