Blue box program talks continue

Changes and discussions regarding the blue box program continue across the region.

The Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority held a board meeting on Wednesday afternoon to discuss various environmental issues in Windsor-Essex.

The blue box program is already in effect, but from 2023 there will be a food and organic waste treatment system.

The program that is now being implemented extends to over 250 municipalities and is in place to encourage recycling to eliminate waste from landfills.

Gary Kaschak, president of EWSWA, says the committee is still tinkering with the recycling program to make it better over time.

He says the rules in Ontario for recycling differ depending on where you live.

“In some parts of Ontario you can recycle styrofoam, but you can’t in Windsor-Essex, there’s no facility to process styrofoam and it’s just not worth a lot of money. silver. So eventually everything will be the same. for everyone.”

He says the new law in place where Canada bans the manufacture and import of single-use plastics by the end of the year will help reduce landfills.

“A lot of this stuff unfortunately gets diverted to landfill so less of it we have you notice now a lot of stores use paper straws instead of plastic straws so a lot less goes into our waste diversion and into our landfills, it’s really good to move forward.”

It says what is projected for the coming years in terms of landfills in the region.

“Our landfill in the county is only expected to be open until 2040, so the more we can turn away from the landfill here in the future and keep this landfill open hopefully beyond 2040, the better. “

Ontario also plans to expand blue box services to select long-term care homes, apartment buildings, retirement homes and schools.

There are also plans to increase recycling bins in public parks, playgrounds and transit stations.

Ryan H. Bowman