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They include: Nicole Dewolfe, Hailey Skinner, Katie Turlington, Addie Farris, Gabriel Marrero, Landrie Spivey-Preuninger, Colby Miller, Halle Duvall, Ignacio Saucedo, Caleb Harris and Taygon Jones. (News photo by Barbara Green)

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Administrators at Bowie School had fun Monday night playing on the elementary school’s new Lü interactive playground system.
The meeting places have been moved to allow the council to see how the new system works in the gymnasium. After the night’s business, the board and administrators tried out the system. Principal Kathy Green coordinated a spelling game that required you to hit the letter on the wall screen with a ball, and a few others from the program.
A large hardwood screen was built by volunteers in the gym with materials donated by Ace Hardware.
The digital program is directed to the screen which takes the impact of the bullets and reflects the action in the program. The system has a wide assortment of interactive game programs, as well as other learning programs. Everyone had a great time trying to top each other’s scores.

Superintendent Blake Enlow told the group that high school principal Sergio Menchaca will leave the district to take up the position of superintendent at the Terrell County Independent School District in Anderson. He was named the sole finalist for the position at the April 21 meeting and the required 21-day waiting period ended Wednesday with the board meeting that evening. His nomination was approved by Anderson’s board.

A called meeting has been called by the Bowie ISD Board of Directors for 7:30 a.m. on May 24 to review a secondary school principal.

The advice was also introduced to members of the top 10% of the senior class.

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School board members tried their hand at Lu, an interactive playground program. (Photo by Barbara Green)

Ryan H. Bowman