Bucksport residents attend an open house to learn about the free education program

BUCKSPORT, SC (WBTW) – Residents of the Bucksport area were invited to the James R. Frazier Community Center on Tuesday to find out how they could take free classes through Horry Georgetown Technical College.

The Bucksport Community Education Program is owed approximately $1.9 million from funds provided to Horry County through the American Rescue Plan Act. The grant will cover registration fees, a survey of community educational needs and desires, and improvements to the James R. Frazier Community Center.

Vincent Myers, HGTC’s workforce development manager, said it was necessary for the Bucksport area.

“Bucksport has difficulty being able to access the same educational opportunities as others due to distance and some transportation issues, some flooding issues that have occurred, so there are many reasons why this community is not ‘hasn’t been able to get its fair share of educational services,’ Myers said.

According to HGTC, some of the programs available through the funding include:

  • basic computer
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
  • Certified practical nurse (CAN)
  • Certified Crane Operator
  • Culinary & Pastry
  • Drone training
  • Basic Emergency Medical Technology (EMT)
  • heavy equipment operator

All programs are available for people of all ages.

“That’s the thing with learning, it’s lifelong,” Myers said. “You start when you’re a baby until you finally close your eyes, so those opportunities are always there.”

Patricia Grissitt, Bucksport resident and former educator, Patricia Grissitt said “unfortunately some people have fallen by the wayside and some may not realize that they can become whoever they want to become.”

The fact that it’s free is priceless, Grissitt said.

“There are people who have a limited budget,” she said. “There are people who have visions and goals and aspirations for their children, but financially they can’t afford it,” Grissitt said.

Myers added that because of the funding available, local officials “don’t have to invest a dime in this program.”

The James R. Frazier Community Center will serve as the course site and will have a computer lab where people can attend virtually if they don’t have access to a home device.

Those who were unable to attend the open house can still register by visiting the James R. Frazier Community Center or by calling HGTC directly. You can also contact HGTC using the school’s website.

Ryan H. Bowman