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The North Dakota Health and Human Services Agency has improved its Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) online payment portal and the process used to pay child care providers. participating children.

Starting November 1, participating child care providers will notice improvements in the payment portal, called the Self-Serve Portal. The payment process will also change to align with the process most providers use to bill families in advance for childcare. CCSI payments will be made to providers at the beginning of the month for care provided that month and will be based on the attendance schedule of participating children.

This latest investment makes it easier and more efficient for child care programs to work with the state’s child care assistance program.

This month, child care providers will be able to request payment for child care services scheduled for November. During this month of transition to the new payment process, child care providers will also submit their claim for payment from CCSI for care provided in October to children whose families participate in CCSI. Providers must also use the portal to submit a Child Care Attendance Record, which is used for program integrity and quality assurance reviews.

The enhanced online payment portal replaces paper-based reimbursement forms and processes.

In preparation for the change, HHS shared information on social media and sent information directly to participating child care providers and families.

Suppliers who are already using the payment portal can continue to use their same username and password.

Providers new to the online payment process will find information, including step-by-step instructions and online training presentations, on the agency’s website at improvements.

Any licensed or self-declared child care providers who are wary of moving to an online payment system have time to make the transition. Providers can request payment up to two months after providing care to a participating child.

If, after reviewing the online training resources, a child care provider still has questions about creating an account on the portal and requesting payment, the provider can contact Economic Assistance at 328-2332, toll free (800) 755-2716, or 711 (TTY).

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Ryan H. Bowman