CBD Move Free Launches Trusted Advisor Program and Offers Education and Marketing Partnership to Chiropractors Nationwide

Through this program, CBD Move Free aims to support chiropractors by educating their clients and growing their practice.

BELLEVUE, Wash., September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CBD Move Freea leading manufacturer of unique CBD products, including topical balms, today announced the launch of its Trusted Advisor Program. Through this subscription-based program, CBD Move Free provides chiropractors nationwide with products at wholesale prices, as well as dedicated CBD consumer marketing, public relations, and a lead generation platform. The backbone of the program is monthly outreach materials that are personalized for each chiropractor. With one in three consumers who regularly see a chiropractor already using CBD to target joint discomfort and muscle pain, the program enables chiropractors to become a trusted source for a recommended solution between visits.

Those who pay the $500 monthly subscription will receive $700 retail value of the product and a comprehensive marketing and public relations campaign. Subscription includes 12 full size balms, 50 sample balms, personalized waiting room guides, monthly marketing newsletters, educational brochures, social media exposure, and more. The Trusted Advisor program also provides chiropractors with key marketing and public relations tactics to increase their visibility and generate a new revenue stream. Additionally, participation includes a monthly marketing call to review best practices and give chiropractors the opportunity to network and learn from their peers.

“Whether it’s an accident, a sports injury, or simply pain after an intense workout, there’s a common denominator between CBD topicals and chiropractors: consumers looking for solutions to relieve their aches and improve their physical well-being,” said Jonas Roeser, CEO and co-founder of CBD Move Free. “The Trusted Advisor program was a natural next step in providing a high-quality product for patients to provide relief between appointments, while equipping chiropractors with everything needed to become an expert in the field, as sales of CBD are expected to increase steadily in 2023.”

CBD Move Free works hand-in-hand with chiropractic therapy by providing patients with high-quality topical relief products made from a blend of key nutrients and organic ingredients infused with CBD and designed to relieve muscle discomfort. and joint. Each product formulation is unique and packaged in a roll-on design to allow users to apply exactly where they need relief without any waste.

“By working on sports injuries with patients in our practice who may undergo random drug testing, we can ensure the level of purity and consistency of this product,” said Dr. Eric Mizuba D.C., DACBSP. “Applying CBD Move Free to the skin is easy with no messy clean-up, and patients comment on how quickly they experience a reduction in pain that isn’t masked by menthol/camphor odors and dyes. “

While ongoing physical therapy can address the root cause of a patient’s discomfort, CBD’s function is to manage pain through its interaction with the endocannabinoid system, which is known to help regulate processes including pain perception, muscle movement and circulation. By supporting this system, chiropractors can help rebalance their patients’ bodies and functions, increasing treatment efforts and relieving pain at the same time.

CBD Move Free offers a full line of CBD-infused balms and products to suit a variety of needs and lifestyles, including their Swing Free balm for athletes, their Formulated For Her balm created specifically for women, their 350mg Pocket Balm and CBD Kinesiology Tape – a favorite for chiropractors. The brand will also launch several new products, including CBD bath salts next month, bringing the soothing effects of CBD to a favorite relaxing bath. The products also comply with all federal laws and are tested by an independent third party.

For more information about CBD Move Free, its products, and its Trusted Advisor program, visit https://cbdmovefree.com/pages/trusted-advisors.

About CBD Move Free:

CBD Move Free was developed to create unique hemp/CBD products. Each product is designed to maximize life activities by reducing muscle and joint discomfort, while eliminating bacteria. Each product is a blend of natural ingredients infused with hemp/CBD to provide targeted relief. CBD Move Free is the dba of JPS Products, Inc. JPS Products, Inc. also operates the Hemp Move Free and JPS Move Free brands. For more information, visit https://cbdmovefree.com.

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