Cimpress launches back-to-work program for women on hiatus

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – Business Wire India Cimpress understands that everyone has multiple responsibilities to fulfill while providing a comfortable life for their family. However, given the societal construction, domestic responsibilities often fall to women. Some manage to balance the two worlds, professional and personal, but some must put the personal first.

Cimpress salutes all those women who make their homes their homes. As a token of gratitude, Cimpress India has launched a return to work program for women who may have taken a sabbatical for whatever reason, but now want to restart their working lives. The program was designed to create a re-entry pathway for women with the best learning opportunities based on their previous expertise and experience in software development and design.

As part of this program, candidates will be able to maintain the right work-life balance with remote work options and flexible working hours to get back to work routine more quickly. This will not only be an opportunity to develop new skills, forge new relationships, interact with subject matter experts, but it could also lead to full-time opportunities with Cimpress India.

At the launch, Kara Hecker, Director of Product Management, said, “We understand how daunting it can be for you to get back to work after a break, especially in the fast-paced world we live in. But we are here to support you during the transition; Cimpress is a diverse and inclusive organization and with this program we aim to further cultivate a work environment that enables women to find opportunities and encourages them to rebuild their careers.” About Cimpress India Cimpress India is a center for global capability for Cimpress NV The global entity was founded in 1994 and is a group of approximately 15 e-commerce companies around the world, specializing in various areas of mass customization. At Cimpress, we create competitive advantage across our various businesses by centrally investing in a few select shared strategic capabilities that have the greatest potential for enterprise-wide value creation. Cimpress India is one such key strategic business focused on building large teams in India in engineering, design and artwork processing for various Cimpress businesses that drive innovation. Cimpress India started its journey in April 2017 and now we have over 1800 great minds in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai working in various fields of software engineering as well as graphic design and prepress services for several different Cimpress companies. With several million customers, our teams constantly challenge themselves to empower our businesses to be more entrepreneurial through our cutting-edge technology solutions. The teams in India form an important member of the global talent network of our central teams and businesses around the world, solving complex customer demands through e-commerce, design and manufacturing capabilities. Our primary engineering goal is to create scalable, impactful products and we need great talent like you to come along and help us succeed. REP REP

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Ryan H. Bowman