CobbleStone Software Introduces the CobbleStone University Certification Program (CUCP) for CobbleStone® Partners

“We are excited to announce the CobbleStone University Certification Program (CUCP) and believe it will be beneficial for CobbleStone Partners – and possibly others – to better understand the CobbleStone Contract Insight Platform.” – Bradford Jones, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CobbleStone

CobbleStone Software, a leading provider of contract management software, is proud to introduce the CobbleStone University Certification Program (CUCP) for CobbleStone Partners to expand their knowledge of CobbleStone Contract Insight®.

This certification program is a combination of live training sessions and videos accompanied by documentation. These sessions and videos ultimately result in assessments for certification. Currently, this program is only available to CobbleStone Partners with the possibility of being offered to customers in the future.

CUCP has partnered with BadgeCert, Inc. to offer secure and verifiable digital badges to recipients. This creates the ability for recipients to share their accomplishments through social media, resumes, email signatures, websites, and marketing campaigns.

Currently, there are two types of digital badges, the CobbleStone Partner badge and the CobbleStone Certified Partner badge.

The CobbleStone Partner Badge is accessible/obtainable to anyone with an active CobbleStone Partner Agreement.

The CobbleStone Certified Partner is accessible/obtainable for all partners who pass the CUCP assessments.

“We are thrilled to announce the CobbleStone University Certification Program (CUCP) for CobbleStone Partners and – potentially – many more. We believe the program will benefit CobbleStone Partners in their understanding of the platform. form of contract management software CobbleStone Contract Insight,” said Bradford Jones, vice president of sales and marketing at CobbleStone Software.

Click here to learn more about the CobbleStone University Certification Program (CUCP).

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About CobbleStone Software:

CobbleStone Software is a renowned leader in contract management software solutions whose flagship CLM software solution – CobbleStone Contract Insight – accelerates contract management, vendor management, e-procurement and e-procurement processes while offering seamless integrations, ease of use and high scalability. CobbleStone’s contract lifecycle management solutions offer simplified contract and vendor tracking, highly configurable email alerts, user-friendly calendar notifications, intelligent contract workflow automation, very robust security, simplified creation of contract templates with dynamic clauses, centralized revenue/cost management, detailed text indexing and search, forward-looking vendor/customer ratings, robust document version control, reporting custom contract management tools, fast IntelliSign® electronic signatures, smarter contracts with VISDOM® artificial intelligence and machine learning, and more.

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