Connected Nation Launches Digital Literacy Program in Collaboration with AT&T

Connected Nation (CN) has announced the launch of a new digital literacy program in conjunction with AT&T. The program is part of AT&T’s national digital literacy initiative to help bridge the digital divide. The Digital Literacy Program will deliver in-person and virtual digital literacy training workshops across the country where this training is most needed for resident digital empowerment.

In addition to workshops held in communities across the United States, Connected Nation will be hosting virtual and in-person workshops for military families at their Digital Works office in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Workshop topics include Internet and Computer Basics, Cyber ​​Security, Email Basics, Mobile Device Basics, and Web Conferencing. CN will partner with local community organizations across the county to host training workshops from September 2022 through March 2023.

“Digital literacy has long been part of Connected Nation’s mission. Ensuring that every person is able to use technology in a meaningful way is absolutely essential in today’s digital economy,” said Heather Gate, executive vice president of digital inclusion for Connected Nation. “This program gives us the opportunity to meet people where they stand in their level of digital skills, their confidence in adopting technology and their interest in improving their skills as adopters of new technologies. There’s no better way to do this than to partner with trusted local partners to bring much-needed training to local communities across the country.We’re excited to get started.

To initiate this program, CN staff are reaching out to communities that have already participated in the community technology planning process and have identified digital literacy as a need. “Offering a tangible skill like digital literacy training to the communities Connected Nation works with allows us to model bridging the digital divide in real-world ways,” said Pamela Waggoner, Head of Broadband Solutions for Connected Nation. “It brings the recommendations of the technology action plans to life.”

The amount of federal and state funding allocated to broadband initiatives continues to grow in our country. More communities now have the opportunity to get their piece of the pie and can use it to deliver digital literacy programs (like this one) to their residents.

“Over the past several months, the focus has been on the significant investments made by federal and state governments to support the construction of ultra-high-speed networks in our communities,” said Dan Manning, Head of Broadband Solutions. for Connected Nation. “We also need to prepare these communities with the tools and training to leverage these capabilities to improve their lives. This initiative will be an important factor in meeting this need.

Connected Nation is now ready to partner with local community organizations to host in-person and virtual workshops across the United States. If your community would like to learn more, visit:

About Connected Nation: Connected Nation celebrated 20 years of service in 2021. The national non-profit organization’s mission is to improve lives by providing innovative solutions that expand access and increase broadband adoption and usage. (high-speed Internet) and its associated technologies for all. Everyone belongs to a connected nation.

Ryan H. Bowman