ConnectWise Launches Security-Focused Partner Program – Security – Services

Automation software provider ConnectWise has launched a partner program to bolster its cybersecurity journey.

Partners will have access to exclusive offers, resources and support.

The program has three key objectives: to help partners establish a more strategic relationship of trust with their customers; improve the experience of partners and their customers; and to help partners introduce new services to their customers.

The company referenced its own research which found that many SMBs said they would consider switching to a new service provider if they offered the right cybersecurity solution.

He created a new role of Partner Development Manager, to help partners accelerate sales of managed cybersecurity services.

“In 2018, we told our partners that cybersecurity was the next frontier, the next big revenue opportunity. leading edge in cybersecurity, which is why our first priority with our new partner program is in this area,” said CEO Jason Magee.

“In addition to the Partner Development Manager, a key differentiator of our program is the investment we have made in helping TSPs establish and grow their cybersecurity business.”

Benefits include Partner Development Manager, no-cost internal use licenses, market development funds, cooperative marketing funds and free marketing concierge.

It will feature four tiers offering different levels of benefits.

“Cybersecurity will account for approximately 50% of a TSP’s revenue by 2022, but it can be difficult for TSPs to know where to start to get things started or to continue their efforts,” Chief Revenue Officer Clint said. Maddox.

“We are introducing the Partner Program now because we realize that most of our partners want to launch a new practice or do more to scale their existing offerings and we have the technical aptitude and resources to help them do this effectively. “

Ryan H. Bowman