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By: Savannah Capps, Program Coordinator

COOK COUNTRY, MINNESOTA August 14, 2022 (LSNews) When we need a helping hand, it can be reassuring to have trusted people available to meet our needs. But what do you do when friends and family are out of reach or unavailable? For people who need home support, this question can be daunting.

The Cook County Home Support Program can provide an answer to this question by offering many non-medical supports that allow individuals to maintain their independence and dignity, contributing to their ability to stay in their homes longer. By matching caring, qualified service providers with service recipients based on the best match, we are able to provide assistance to some of Cook County’s most vulnerable and improve people’s quality of life. that we serve.

These rewarding support services benefit not only the recipients of the services, but also our service providers. In the words of service provider Shaun Tudor, “It reinforced the value I place on older people and multi-generational relationships and motivated me to see what else I could do to improve and facilitate more support. “

What services does the home support program provide?

The Cook County Home Support Program offers a multitude of services. Housekeeping services include help with light and heavy housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation and grocery shopping. Companionship services for adults help individuals work toward community integration or other therapeutic goals, which may include playing board games to improve fine motor skills, accompanying an individual to community events to reduce isolation and practice budget skills while shopping. Respite care is short-term care provided to a person while their primary caregiver is away or in need of relief and may include non-medical primary care such as companionship, meal assistance, verbal reminders and l help with tasks. Groceries and transportation includes groceries, prescription pickup, and transportation to/from medical appointments. Chore services are intended to help a person maintain a clean, sanitary and safe environment and may include garbage removal, lawn maintenance and snow removal. Personal supports are services provided in the home or community that increase personal independence and potential and enable the service recipient to achieve personal or community inclusion goals, such as assisting with access to community service, developing and maintaining relationships, and participating in the recipient’s family activities. Choose.

Who is eligible for the Home Assistance Program?

The Cook County Home Support Program is for Cook County residents age 18 and older who have a permanent or temporary disability, as well as any person aged 65 and over, whether or not they have a disability, who needs home care. Eligible disabilities include those certified by the Social Security Administration, severe and persistent mental illness, including but not limited to depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, or a need for rehabilitation or short term taken care of by a physician, such as a recent injury or surgery that requires a person to be temporarily off their feet.

How are the services paid?

The Home Support Program offers a variety of payment and funding options for those in need of services. These options include state-funded waivers, adult mental health funds, a rolling fee scale for those 65 and older, and private pay rates.

Eligibility for a publicly funded waiver is determined by an MnCHOICES assessment and depends on a person’s eligibility for medical assistance, disability status, and level of need. Use of adult mental health funds requires that the individual is in adult mental health case management and has an established need for the service with no other source of funding available. The rolling fee scale is for people aged 65 and over and is based on income and assets. These funds are part of the Cook County PHHS annual budget and cover 5 hours of home support per month with a flat monthly fee ranging from $0 to $70. Finally, all eligible service recipients have the option to privately pay for services, with the cost negotiated directly with their service provider. Current private pay rates range between $20 and $30 per hour.

What if I’m interested in becoming a service provider?

As the pandemic persists and many services continue to be less available and harder to receive and waiting lists for nursing homes and care facilities continue to far exceed demand, programs such that the home support program have become all the more essential to bridge the gap and meet the needs of those who need help the most.

The need for home support program services continues to grow, making the need for qualified providers more important than ever. The Cook County Home Support Program is currently seeking independent contractors to join our team and allow us to continue to grow this vital program throughout the community. If you have a compassionate heart and are ready to make a difference or if you need services and would like to join our waiting list, contact Home Support Program Coordinator, Savannah Capps at (218) 387-3629 Where [email protected] to learn more about our program.

Together, our service providers and beneficiaries continue to foster lasting and meaningful relationships!

Learn more about the Department of Public Health and Human Services and the Home Support Program at the August 16 PHHS Board Meeting at 8:30 a.m. in the Cook Commissioners Room. PHHS Board meetings can be live streamed and viewed on the Cook County website at You can also find us on Facebook @CookCountyPHHS and Instagram @cook_county_phhs to learn more about our work supporting the health, safety and well-being of Cook County.

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By: Savannah Capps, Program Coordinator

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About Cook County Minnesota

Cook County sits at the tip of the Arrowhead region of Minnesota, in the remote northeastern part of the state, which stretches from the shores of Lake Superior to the Canada-US border. By land, it borders Ontario, Canada to the north, and Lake County, MN to the west. Minnesota’s highest point, Eagle Mountain, is 2,301 feet and the tallest lake, the total area equals 3,339.72 square miles.

Cook County is home to three National Protected Areas:
Grand Portage National Monument
Upper National Forest
Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Cook County includes:
Grand Marais Lutsen Mountains
Upper Gunflint Trail
Grand Portage

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