CORRECTION: GR8FL Solar officially releases its “Redirection Program” allowing US homeowners to reduce their monthly electricity cost by an average of 22%

(This release corrects the release that was posted earlier on July 5 to clarify the title)

KATY, Texas /ACCESSWIRE/July 5, 2022/ To help US homeowners save money on utility bills during High inflation & Increased energy costs, Solar GR8FL, a Katy Tx-based residential and commercial solar installer, has officially launched its Redirection Program, a financing mechanism in which the company covers the initial cost of materials and installation, allowing US homeowners to convert their homes to solar power for $0 out of pocket. . For qualified applicants, the company designs and installs a solar system that produces 100% of the home’s energy needs. This eliminates the homeowner’s reliance on a utility company to power their home, reducing their electric bill to just $10 per month. Homeowners who sign up for the program increase the value of their home with a brand new solar system and benefit from a lower monthly outlay than they previously paid for electricity. On average, these homeowners see a 22% reduction in their overall energy costs each month.

In the growing solar industry, stories of solar entrepreneurs are “flying the night” Misleading owners and Installation of faulty systems have become too common. In many cases, owners who attempt to reach these companies in the event of a problem find themselves navigating through automated phone systems with no real assistance. Solar GR8FL helps US homeowners convert to renewable energy without the hassle. The company’s core values ​​are centered around maintaining top-notch customer service and experience, rather than achieving record sales numbers.

Co-founder and CEO, Kota Ivers says, “It all starts with how we train our team members. Ethics has become an issue in this industry, so that’s where we start. Candidates interested in joining the GR8FL Solar team must first pass a criminal background check. During orientation, new company representatives must complete the GR8FL Solar Ethics Training Program. “In our professional and personal lives, we live by our motto, ‘Always grateful, never satisfied.’ Training doesn’t stop after orientation. We continue to learn and grow every day, both as individuals and as a company. We meet in the office 3 times a week to deepen the training our team on safety best practices, industry regulations, quality control measures, and the hardware and technology behind the systems we install,” adds Ivers.

GR8FL Solar, Tuesday, July 5, 2022, Image from press release

GR8FL Solar has introduced a modern approach to keeping its customers informed of the progress of the project. Owners under contract with GR8FL receive automatic weekly updates via email and receive login credentials to an interactive online portal where progress is updated live 24 hours a day. For additional support, the company assigns a dedicated project manager to each project, who serves as the direct point of contact for the owner, a lead electrician and an in-house installation team. “Most companies outsource for the cheapest job, we take care of everything in-house from start to finish. This gives us the ability to ensure our installation crews are clean, professional and trained to our specifications. standards,” adds CEO Kota Ivers.

The equipment, which is guaranteed to last for 30 years, is protected by manufacturer’s, company’s and third-party warranties. GR8FL Solar partners with Solar insurance to upgrade the system warranty to fully cover the roof, solar panels, inverters, and homeowner labor costs, including any travel or shipping costs. The company goes a step further by including complementary identity theft protection and credit monitoring/repair services for 3 years after installation at no additional cost. “In some cases, we were able to replace a homeowner’s roof, repair their credit, and install a new solar system for a lower monthly rate than they were already paying for electricity,” says the COO Tyler Tashiro.

GR8FL Solar, Tuesday, July 5, 2022, Image from press release

About Solar GR8FL:
Solar GR8FL, located at 20302 Park Row Suite 100, Katy, TX 77449, is a residential and commercial solar system installer. With their installation teams, led by licensed electricians, the company manages the entire process from start to finish. The company was started this year by Kota Ivers and Tyler Tashiro with the goal of bringing a higher level of professionalism and transparency to the solar industry. On average, the process of switching to solar power through the company’s “redirect program,” from approval to complete installation, takes 32 days. GR8FL Solar is currently waiving application fees for the program and offering free virtual or in-person consultations and compliance inspections to owners who wish to apply. You can reach them by phone, (281) 407-4907 or by email at [email protected].


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