Cybereason Launches Global Defenders League Partner Program

the Cyberseason the team is delighted to announce the launch of the Cybereason Defenders Leaguea global community of partners, designed to reward the most trusted advisors and solution providers in the cybersecurity industry by increasing their margins and profitability. Members of this program will have access to award-winning technology and services to help end users stop cyberattacks.

The Cybereason Defenders League is for partners of all sizes and offers multiple paths and levels to help them grow based on their business goals today and where they will grow in the future. Organizations can choose from Resale, Managed Security Service, Incident Response, Technical integration and Pathway of referral partners. Partners can be part of one or more courses under three levels, Premier, Elite and To select.

“The Cybereason Defenders League offers partners the opportunity to join us in our mission to end cyberattacks with an operations-centric approach that provides immediate context into malicious operations across endpoints, users and the cloud,” said said Lior Div, CEO of Cybereason and co. -founder.

“Working together, the Cybereason Defenders League community will provide unparalleled access to the tools and services needed to bring Defenders back to the top in the fight against nation states and adversary groups responsible for carrying out recent cyberattacks such as Solar. Winds, Microsoft Exchange Server, Colonial Pipeline and JBS.

Cybereason Defenders League opportunities include:

  • reselling partner: Cybereason provides its reseller partners with the award-winning Cybereason Defense Platform, which helps them protect their customers and reverse adversary advantage to stop cyberattacks. The Cybereason Modular Defense Platform enables partners to win new business and expand their existing footprint while helping customers consolidate their security point products and migrate to the cloud.
  • Managed Services Security Providers: By working with Cybereason, MSSPs will be able to increase revenue by expanding routes to market in a cost effective manner. By joining other members of the Cybereason Defenders League community, MSSPs will be able to take advantage of flexible business models, improve service margins and improve security efficiency through integration with the Cybereason platform.
  • Incident Response Partner: Cybereason will provide its incident response partners with the tools, threat intelligence and support needed to address customers’ most critical challenges, all from a single, rapidly deployable and highly integrated.
  • Technical integration partner: Today, Cybereason currently partners with a global ecosystem of leading data and security technology vendors. Cybereason’s APIs are extensible, allowing partners to quickly develop strong product integrations to advance the mission of reversing adversary advantage.
  • Reference partner: Cybereason will provide its Referral Partners (typically consulting organizations that will not transact with Cybereason) the tools and support necessary to uncover new sales opportunities and influence the ongoing sales cycle.

The Defenders League offers three status levels:

  • ELITE: Elite status is for Cybereason’s most strategic partners who have an established security practice and the resources at scale to deliver differentiated value to customers. Elite Partners are typically pan-regional or global entities with a large customer footprint
  • FIRST: Premier status is for Cybereason’s strategic regional partners who have a track record of cybersecurity expertise, understand the complexity of the market, and have a growing cybersecurity business
  • TO SELECT: Select status is for existing or new partners getting started with Cybereason

More information available here: Cybereason Defenders League

“Cybereason launched its Defenders League community to provide differentiated offerings to help our channel grow its business. Today, existing partners are driving global demand for our products and services and we are helping to increase margins and profits by providing them with an ecosystem of award-winning products and services,” said Abigail Maines, Vice President of Commercial Sales and distribution at Cybereason. .

“By choosing the path that best fits their business, partners can go to market seamlessly and efficiently with highly lucrative incentives to help them grow their business.”

Cybereason is the champion of today’s cyber defenders, delivering future-ready attack protection that unifies security from endpoint to enterprise, wherever the battle is fought. the Cybereason Defense Platform combines the industry’s top-rated detection and response (EDR and XDR), next-generation antivirus (NGAV), and proactive threat hunting to provide a contextual analysis of each element of a Malop™ (malicious operation). The result: Defenders can shut down cyberattacks from endpoints to anywhere.

Ryan H. Bowman