DICE Corp. launches a video and IoT Analytics partnership program

DICE partners can integrate Matrix Interactive with third-party analytics, allowing monitoring stations and command centers to add new levels of security.

BAY CITY, Michigan—DICE Corp. announces a new video and IoT analytics partnership program to provide central stations and integrators the ability to combine AI-based analytics technologies with the company’s interactive and video services in Matrix Interactive.

Matrix Interactive is a cloud-based event management software with interactive video, analytics and artificial intelligence. The Matrix engine uses several third-party technologies built into the platform. The configuration of areas of interest is done in Matrix to add flexibility, such as scheduling, to partner analytics, according to the announcement.

Matrix Interactive is an open and generic platform. DICE partners can integrate the software with other companies’ analytics, allowing monitoring stations and command centers to add new levels of security, as well as advanced interactive and video services.

“In fact, we have hundreds of technology partners and several thousand products that interface with Matrix,” says Avi Lupo, co-president of DICE Corp. “The world is changing, and it’s essential to have an open platform that supports any technology partner and not via APIs, which is limiting.

The DICE open platform opens the gateway to central stations and command centers with the ability to deliver new interactive video surveillance services, the announcement says. For integrators, this means they don’t have to change the analytics company they currently use to take advantage of these new services, but instead have the flexibility to choose and even add new features. other analytical technologies from various partners.

“With Matrix Interactive, the industry is not limited in the choice of analytical technology today,” says Lupo. “We choose our partners carefully. Integration with premium analytics from our premium partners offers new benefits and resources designed to bring more options to our growing Matrix Interactive ecosystem as the security industry races to keep pace with this what we call the “new alarm industry”.

The video and IoT device event stream leverages both Matrix Interactive and each partner’s unique analytics technology. IP cameras and devices are easily configurable in Matrix Interactive. During an event, the event is first sent to DICE’s cloud server, Gate Keeper, eliminating the amount of traffic to partners.

Relevant events are then sent to the appropriate partner, who then analyzes the event in real time, then sends the verified alarm back to Matrix for onward transmission to the central station operator. Matrix Interactive uses an event system feed like an alarm system, using virtual video zones. Subscribers can even arm and disarm the video zone.

The growing list of premium video and IoT analytics partners includes Actuate, Calipsa, Cawamo, Corsight, IronYun, M2M, Rhombs, Sentry AI and Speco.

Ryan H. Bowman