Direct beef sales program to solve legal and economic problems

Are you interested in selling beef direct to consumer? What type of insurance do you need? How do you set your prices? Do you need permits? Will it increase your profits? You do not know where to start ? Wondering what mistakes people have made to start their business? We have the program for you!

Justin Benavidez, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Economist, and I will host two in-person programs focusing on the legal and economic issues surrounding direct beef sales. These one-day programs will cover a variety of issues with speakers including Jade Cooper, Extension Meat Specialist, Benavidez, a panel of business owners engaged in direct beef selling, and myself.

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Here comes the exciting part…these programs are free! We will also serve you lunch and provide you with a copy of our direct beef sales manual.

We offer two live sessions.

We will be in Amarillo on Monday June 20th. Click here to register.

We will be in Brenham on Friday August 26th. Click here to register.

Funding for these programs is provided by the Southern Extension Risk Management Education Center.

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Ryan H. Bowman