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EASTERN PALESTINE – The Village Fire Department is rolling out a new community service for residents of Unity Village and Township.

The Fire Department partners with MyID to provide the service.

The MyID company presents itself as a “a complete medical ID solution that provides an easy way to access, store and manage your health information.”

How it works is that the company sells a variety of products such as wristbands, tags, stickers, and wallet cards that feature a QR code that can be scanned by medical staff to access your online medical profile in minutes. seconds.

Creating your own medical profile is free and the profile can be linked to as many MyID products as you wish.

Mayor Trent Conaway said the idea to use the service came from Fire Chief Keith Drabick.

Drabick is familiar with the business, having used it at a fire department in Horry County, South Carolina when he lived there.

“I think it’s a very good system” said Conaway. “We have a lot of older people in our community and I think it would be of great benefit to our EMS responders if they could quickly retrieve all relevant information.”

For example, if someone falls or has another type of emergency that renders them unconscious or unable to communicate, first responders can simply scan the QR code instead.

Conaway said the fire department is soliciting donations from various civic organizations in the city to provide the products to residents.

However, people are also encouraged to purchase their own and can do so by visiting the company’s website, www.get MyID.com.

Conaway said the fire department is also considering implementing a paramedic into the community program in the future.

He said that under the program, paramedics would go out into the community and do things like help the elderly with medication, which would reduce the number of EMS calls.

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Ryan H. Bowman