Egg Harbor City Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP)

EGG HARBOR CITY, NJ, May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Boom Local, a consumer-facing directory designed to connect customers to small businesses in the cities and towns they live in and love, today announced its partnership with Egg Harbor City Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) in Atlantic County, NJ to bring residents a highly localized, well-categorized, and up-to-date directory of its small businesses, schools, and churches.

The platform is designed to help residents and visitors discover and interact with the many diverse businesses and organizations that make up Egg Harbor City.

Boom Local allows for simplified user search through keywords related to restaurants, retail stores, service providers and more; and allows users to search for specific types of businesses, such as veteran-owned, women-owned, and minority-owned businesses. From the perspective of small business owners, the platform is easily customizable and allows owners to update information, social channels, product categories, and other useful information.

“Cities are at their strongest when their small business scene thrives, creating income and jobs,” said Eric Fischgrund, co-founder of Boom Local. “We would like to thank Candace Negron and her team at Egg Harbor City Nuclear Power Plant for trusting us with the important goal of simplifying ways to connect residents and visitors to the small businesses they love.” Boom Local supports small business owners across the United States and is excited to scale the platform as we enter new cities and partnerships.

“It was a pleasure to work with Boom Local, Eric and his team to develop a business directly for our small town here at EHC,” said Candace Negron RN, EHC Nuclear Plants Coordinator. “We are part of a state-funded program called the Neighborhood Preservation Program, and Boom Local has helped organize all of our businesses, churches, schools and community gardens and put them on a digital directory for residents and visitors find exactly what they are looking for. at this moment. This directory is very easy and efficient to navigate, and we are extremely pleased with the results and all the hard work that has gone into this important directory for the city. Great job Local Boom!”

Boom Local is a consumer-facing directory that connects customers to small businesses in the cities and towns they live in and love – at no cost to the small business or the customer themselves. Boom Local believes that small businesses are central to the health of cities and towns, creating jobs, generating revenue which in turn drives taxes and further enriches the community. The Boom Local platform was designed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by co-founders Alexander Coles, Head of Design; Eric Fischgrund, Business Development Manager; Andrew Raub, Lead Developer; and Jeremy Stoltzfus, operations manager. Follow Boom Local on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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