Emory & Henry College Launches MBA Program

EMORY – Emory & Henry College has finalized its Master of Business Administration (MBA) program through the School of Business in preparation for a 2023-2024 incoming cohort.

The Emory & Henry College MBA is a hybrid program featuring 18 days of on-campus learning at the new state-of-the-art facilities at Carriger Hall, which is currently undergoing renovations for the first cohort of MBAs.

The School of Business faculty will facilitate professional growth and networking opportunities for program members.

Graduates will develop a broad understanding of the business and societal landscape, including theories of economic growth, systems thinking, business development, and the role that organizations and individuals play in the larger community.

The School of Business led by the Dean of the School of Business, Dr. Emmett P. Tracy, has a faculty with years of combined experience in senior leadership positions.

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Throughout the blended curriculum, program members will benefit from over 200 hours of leadership and managerial development courses with senior practitioners, CEOs, and leadership experts.

“By joining the MBA program, students will have the opportunity to invest in themselves, including one-on-one mentorship with our amazing faculty and applied team-based learning,” Tracy said.

The Emory & Henry College School of Business MBA consists of three distinct learning phases, including core courses in business, team building, and networking, as well as a personalized path of electives .

The application for the first cohort of the MBA program is now open. For more information about the program or the School of Business, visit www.ehc.edu/MBA

Ryan H. Bowman