FREE BLUETTI Plus program offers gift cards and discounts on its off-grid power solutions

BLUETTI is well known for providing high-end and feature-rich portable power stations, but is now launching a new program for its loyal customers to earn free credit towards future purchases as well as exclusive seasonal promotions to make things more affordable. The BLUETTI Plus member rewards program was launched this month to create additional incentive for its existing customer base and attract new members. Free gifts and sale prices, discounts to expand your portable powerhouse on every SKU, and free credits with every dollar spent on its off-the-grid lifestyle products (including purchases you’ve already made) are only just a few of the benefits of joining its new membership program, and it doesn’t cost a penny to sign up. See below for more details.

BLUETTI Plus offers FREE credit for future purchases

People who sign up for BLUETTI Plus start earning “BLUETTI Bucks” immediately after joining and continue to do so from then on. Looking to make future purchases and expand your powerhouse setup a more affordable proposition, it’s a simple, hassle-free way to earn rewards that translate into lower prices on every brand product.

BLUETTI Plus allows members to place their order during a special sale. A wide range of gifts and vouchers will be available only for loyal members. BLUETTI also offers free gifts on their birthdays.

Along with exclusive seasonal promotions, free BLUETTI Bucks just for sharing the program on social accounts or referring others, and access to newly launched products before anyone else, BLUETTI Plus offers a structured tier system based on the amount you have invested in your off-grid network. feeding solution(s):

Our Loyalty Program is a brand extension of this appreciation for our community, a solution to increase retention, and a way for us to show our current and future customers how much we appreciate them.

In addition to earning Bucks with your purchases, here are some of the other ways you can supplement your BLUETTI earnings and grow your internal bank account throughout the year:

A particularly notable aspect of the program is its retroactive policy. Unlike most programs of this nature where all of your purchases made previously will earn you nothing, BLUETTI will honor purchases you made before the program launched. towards your BLUETTI Bucks totals and offer bigger gift cards/vouchers to expand your setup this year. BLUETTI simply says “send us a message with the email address you used when purchasing and we’ll help update your dollar history”.

You can find even more details about BLUETTI Plus on this homepage as well as registration details and more.

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Ryan H. Bowman