Free program offers computer training to women re-entering the workforce

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said aggressive interest rate hikes would cause the US economy hardship, not only in terms of slowing growth, but also rising unemployment.

One program – Springboard to Success – focuses on women who may have been shut out of the workforce and need to get back into it.

“It can be someone who takes care of the children, someone who stayed home to take care of loved ones, someone who stayed home for Covid,” said Sherrie James, Gesher Human Services. “It can be any reason women re-enter the workplace.”

Springboard to Success is a free program that provides women with job search support and computer training.

“Now you need the computer for everything, even to go on Zoom, you need computer training, just to really do anything,” James said. “Every job you need some kind of computer training for.”

The seven-week program hosted at Southfield is run by Gesher Human Services.

“People feel good, they meet other women, they have support and they feel good about themselves,” James said. “They’re making friends, especially now with Covid, people weren’t really rubbing shoulders. There’s a lot of synergy in the room.”

The program offers resume writing assistance, job search advice and guidance, and basic IT training in Microsoft 2016 Word and Excel.

Springboard to Success starts with an information meeting on October 20th.

Gesher is also fundraising to help women re-enter the workforce in November…in 13 years, they’ve raised over $2.25 million to benefit over 2,000 women in the Detroit metro area.

Class sizes are limited and interested participants should contact Class Coordinator Judy Richmond, by calling 248.233.4232 or emailing [email protected]

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Ryan H. Bowman