Genex’s Catastrophic Injury Management and Crisis Response Program brings together two industry-leading programs for excellence in case management

WAYNE, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–When a catastrophic event occurs in the workplace, it is essential to have reliable resources to care for those with physical injuries as well as those who witnessed the traumatic event.

That’s why Genex’s catastrophic injury management and crisis response programs are essential to meeting the physical and mental needs of affected employees. The program combines the best of two industry-leading catastrophic care programs, Coventry and Genex, under their parent brand, Enlyte, to enable immediate response when critical events occur in the workplace.

“One of the primary benefits associated with the organizational alignment of Genex and Coventry is the integration of our two disaster programs,” said Tim Howard, Senior Vice President, Field Case Management. “The combined programs allow us to provide 870 catastrophic case managers nationwide, led by a permanent management team with decades of clinical expertise. In addition, the Crisis Response program is an excellent complement to our disaster program.

When a serious work accident occurs, Genex is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to receive calls and deploy a disaster triage team to perform an onsite assessment and assign the appropriate disaster case managers onsite. Genex has helped manage the care of those affected by catastrophic incidents, including helicopter crashes, train derailments, serious automobile accidents and natural disasters.

When an incident occurs, Genex’s catastrophic case managers come to hours and coordinate with employers or other designated oversight agencies to assist with the emergency response plan. This type of response requires strategic communication and frequent reporting channels to ensure timely delivery of services and updates to affected parties. Case Managers stay with injured employees and their families throughout their recovery, coordinating care, navigating complex healthcare systems and advocating for the injured employee, while providing ongoing support during what could be a recovery very complex.

Traumatic events in the workplace often have ripple effects that also affect those who are not physically injured but who witness them. Unfortunately, the post-traumatic stress and mental difficulties these people experience are often overlooked. Crisis intervention responds to the needs of people exposed to a critical event, with the aim of mitigating the effects of the incident and helping employees recover as quickly as possible.

Often referred to as psychological first aid, crisis intervention can be delivered in small groups (e.g. debriefings) or with individuals to provide support and resources to help them cope with anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder to speed recovery. This is not only the right thing to do, but can also mitigate productivity losses at the individual and organizational level.

“The catastrophic injury management and crisis response services complement each other and ensure that we are managing care for both the physically injured and those who may be suffering emotionally,” said Tammy Bradly, Senior Director of Enlyte. , Marketing of clinical products. “Our expertise in catastrophic injury management and crisis response comes from many years of managing high-risk claims and helping people on their journey to recovery and optimal function. »

Customers interested in learning more about Genex’s catastrophic case management programs can contact Tammy Bradly, Senior Manager, Clinical Product Marketing, at [email protected] or 205-382-7691, for more information. .

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