Hawx Pest Control expands its Green Smart program

Taking action to improve the environment by switching to hybrid vehicles

Ogden, Utah, July 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hawx, a national pest control company, is committed to being an industry leader in using hybrid vehicles to power its fleet. The company was previously known for its partnership with One Tree Planted in which he planted a tree for each new client signed in the second quarter of 2022.

With offices in 39 cities, Hawx covers a lot of ground every year while serving customers across United States. Conversion to a new hybrid fleet should reduce tailpipe emissions of dangerous gases that cause lung and heart disease. Exhaust gases generally include:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Nitrous oxides
  • Hydrocarbons
  • sulfur dioxide
  • Special case
  • Ozone

“33% of our current fleet of service vehicles are hybrid vehicles and is expected to reach 66% by the end of August. Our fleet of hybrid vehicles is one of the largest by percentage among the major companies in pest control,” says Brad Bitts, COO of Hawx Pest Control. “This is one more step towards choosing more effective ways to achieve our goal of improving the customer experience with Hawx Pest Control.”

The commitment to reduce tailpipe emissions coincides with the One Tree Planted initiative to make the air cleaner and healthier to breathe in the cities and towns the company serves. Hawx Pest Control also participates in Bayer’s “Feed A Bee” program, which is designed to increase the forage and habitats bees need to survive. Bees are essential for pollinating plants necessary for human survival.

Hawx provides a three-part treatment plan to protect residential and commercial properties.

  1. Inspection: A full inspection is performed on every property serviced by the company since each is unique and may have its own type of pest control issues. After the inspection, a specific plan is developed to resolve the issues.
  2. Targeting Nesting Areas: Outdoor nests are targeted as this is where the pests breed and thrive. Removing nests reduces the likelihood of pests spreading throughout the property.
  3. Establish a Complete Barrier: A barrier using pest control techniques and the careful use of pesticides helps control the movement of pests to residential and commercial structures.

Hawx Pest Control can eliminate infestations of pests and insects such as ants, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, rodents, termites, ticks, wasps, bees, hornets, bed bugs and wood-destroying insects.

While working on pest elimination, Hawx is also committed to using environmentally friendly products designed to reduce harm to the environment. These products are applied by trained and experienced pesticide applicators certified by each state.

“Hawx is committed to having a positive impact on the communities we serve. We reaffirm our commitment through extensive training programs for our Hawx team members, our product selection, technology development and the care we contribute to providing quality pest control services for homes and businesses across the country,” Pitts also said.

Founded in 2013, Hawx is a bilingual company serving large parts of the western, southeastern and midwestern states. The company also participates in Bayer’s “Feed A Bee” program designed to increase the forage and habitats bees need to survive. Bees are essential for pollinating plants necessary for human survival.

To learn more about Hawx Pest Control and its initiatives, please visit the company’s website at Hawxpestcontrol.com.

SOURCE Hawx Pest Control

Ryan H. Bowman