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To be eligible, applicants must be single parents or live in a single parent family with one income. They must reside in the 90813 zip code and they must live at or below the federal poverty level. For a family of four, the maximum annual income would be $27,750.

A screenshot of the income brackets eligible for the Long Beach Pledge.

Applicants will not be asked to provide proof of citizenship. Homeless people are also eligible as long as they meet the criteria and use postcode services. Those who don’t have a residential address can use the address of a local shelter, library, or organization whose services you use.

Application is open to eligible residents until January 17, 2023 at 4:59 p.m. on the Long Beach Pledge website and only takes about five minutes. The form asks for basic information such as name, address, race and ethnicity, and annual income based on family size.

Applicants who do not have a computer or Internet access can go to any Long Beach public library to complete it in English, Spanish, Khmer, and Tagalog.

Once completed, selected applicants will be asked to submit documentation demonstrating that they meet the eligibility criteria in order to begin receiving payments.

According to the new Long Beach Pledge website, chosen families will also receive tools to help them succeed along with their monthly payments, including financial counseling and support services. These services could include free childcare, transportation assistance, workforce training, and digital inclusion support like cellphones and internet connectivity.

The city has partnered with nonprofit Fund for Guaranteed Income (F4GI) to help facilitate the program and create a platform to administer payments and connect participants to support services. F4GI recently launched a guaranteed income program similar to Compton that provided 800 families with payments between $300 and $600 per month for two years, with no strings attached.

“The Compton Pledge, the Guaranteed Income Fund’s flagship pilot project, is a community’s vision for freedom – providing funds that residents have used to start nonprofits, buy food and pay unaffordable rent,” said Nika Soon-Shiong, founder and executive director of F4GI and director of the Compton Pledge. “I am honored to extend the commitment across city borders and provide essential support to the people of Long Beach!”

To apply for the Long Beach Pledge, visit the application portal here. Families who are not eligible can inquire about other resources available through the city’s resource line by calling (562) 570-4246.

Long Beach Guaranteed Income Pilot Program will begin accepting applications this month

Ryan H. Bowman