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HP has unveiled several new partner benefits as part of its Amplify Partner Program aimed at fostering greater partner collaboration, training opportunities and community engagement.

Announced at the HP Amplify Executive Forum (AEF) in Dubai – HP’s annual Partner Tour – new enhancements include an expansion of the Amplify Data Insights program, an expansion of the Amplify Impact Partner Sustainability Program globally and the introduction of Curiocity, a new training platform and partner engagement.

“HP’s success is highly dependent on the strength of our channel partners,” said Kobi Elbaz, general manager of Global Channel Organization at HP. “In the past year alone, our partners have helped generate more than $6 billion in revenue growth.

Elbaz said the new benefits reflect “HP’s continued commitment to the channel and continued investment” in empowering partners to serve customers and grow through the provision of “information, training, connection and engagement”.

Leverage data insights

Putting data at the heart of its channel growth plans, HP launched the Amplify Data Insights program a year ago.

The offering is designed to combine third-party intelligence and partner data into an “intuitive dashboard”, enabling technology providers to benchmark performance, improve customer experience levels and drive priorities long-term strategies.

By acting on partner feedback, the vendor has expanded its available customer-level insights using advanced analytics, providing “targeted, customer-ready opportunities” for partners to act on.

Crucially, the new automated tools are designed to integrate directly with partner sales systems, with the goal of simplifying how data is collected and delivered to participating partners to more easily convert insights into sales-boosting actions. .

According to HP, 98% of its channel partners currently share data, with more than 14 billion data points updated weekly on the platform. As such, the new enhancements aim to create a partner sales force that can be “more focused and effective at winning business.”

Expand Amplify Impact globally

HP’s commitment to sustainability materialized with the launch of Amplify Impact in early 2021, and expanded to 24 additional countries in February 2022, including Indonesia and Malaysia, making the initiative accessible to a total of 43 countries worldwide.

Making bigger waves in the sustainability movement, the provider said the program will reach all markets – with plans to launch the program via a phased approach over the next two years.

HP has also confirmed that the program is open to partners of all types, including resellers, retailers and channel partners, regardless of location.

Initiative aims to provide Amplify Partners with ways to benefit from improved sustainability practices, offering training, sales and marketing resources, and a return and recycling program for HP products at the end of life.

The supplier revealed that more than $3.5 billion in new sales in its fiscal year 2021 had sustainability as a deciding factor, demonstrating growing awareness and implementation of an environmental program , social and governance (ESG) by companies around the world. . Therefore, there is a competitive advantage to be realized for the partners that HP hopes to help through Amplify Impact.

Additionally, HP is working to increase the attractiveness of the initiative by inviting partners to participate in its new annual Amplify Impact Awards, celebrating partners in five categories: the Amplify Impact Global Leader Award; Sustainable Business Award; Climate Action Award; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy Award and HP LIFE Award.

Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in December 2022 and will have the opportunity to promote their award externally with badges and promotional materials. Partners can learn more on the Partner Portal and track their performance via the rewards leaderboard.

Introducing Curiocity

Along with strengthening partner enablement, HP introduced the Curiocity platform which is expected to be rolled out via a phased approach starting later this year, with launch in Asia expected to take place in 2023 as regional leaders plan their localization strategy.

Curiocity offers enhanced training, community engagement, and rewards in a unique program, which HP says is inspired by the open-world concept and rewards system of renowned games, and is designed to provide partner sales reps with access to a “unique collaborative community”.

Some of the platform’s key features include the HP University Virtual Campus which is created to be a “one stop shop” for soft skills, product and solution training, and the HP Community — a centralized platform for partners to connect 1:1 with the HP team and its leaders or participate in community discussions.

During a media roundtable during the Dubai leg of the AEF roadshow, David Tan – speaking as HP’s Head of Channels and Supplies – stressed that “the community element is important” and that HP sets up a “collaborative effort” by encouraging partners to come together to discuss problems and exchange ideas.

Tan also shared that the training modules for partners are the same as those used by HP internally, reflecting the vendor’s belief that their partner sales teams are “an extension of HP”, which is the “heart”. of these partnership initiatives.

“Partner training has always been a constant topic for us,” said Tian Chong Ng, general manager of Greater Asia at HP.

Tian Chong deliberated that “gamification and using a more innovative training method” would help channel partners “keep up with the digital transformation and build the skills needed to sell [HP’s] stack of solutions.

Meanwhile, in their interactions with partners who were on hand for the Dubai roadshow, the two executives said feedback on the new improvements was “very positive”, with partners believing the supplier was “getting a head start “.

Shirin Robert visited the Amplify Executive Forum (AEF) in Dubai as a guest of HP.

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