Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Program Reaches Important Milestone

Defense Industry Minister Pat Conroy has announced that defense personnel will now have access to a new computer interface allowing for more informed and faster decision-making. The interface allows analysts to search and assimilate intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) data across multiple databases, providing more comprehensive information in less time.

Conroy said the ISR integration capability has reached final operational capability and is in the process of being commissioned. “This historic integration capability will benefit a wide range of Defense personnel by facilitating access, discovery and collaboration on intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance information,” he said.

The new ISR integration ability was named Wagardi, a Larrakia word meaning dilly bag. The name was given to the Defense by the people of Larrakia and was chosen because the ability allows its users to access a range of ISR information from a single location.

“The Wagardi capability is a sea change in the ease with which intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance information can be accessed and used,” Conroy said. “Achieving this milestone allows Defense to put this capability in the hands of a wide range of personnel who rely on rapid and reliable access to the vast amounts of information produced by Australian and Allied defense capabilities.”

Wagardi reached Final Operating Capability last month and was delivered in partnership with Leidos Australia Pty Ltd as part of the first tranche of the first phase of Joint Project 2096. Defense has announced that Leidos Australia will continue to be the primary system integrator for the next two tranches of the JP 2096 phase. 1.

Conroy said the project was an example of how defense projects provided opportunities for Australian industry to contribute directly to development and integration services, data analytics, ICT support and provision of supporting infrastructure. “Having Leidos, along with other Australian suppliers, deliver the final two tranches of the joint project will ensure that around $95 million will be spent in Australia,” he said.

The focus of the joint project is now on the actual go-live of Wagardi, as well as the delivery of the second tranche, which will extend the same search and discovery functionality to deployed users. The third installment will focus on integrating data from select allied, coalition, and whole-of-government data stores.

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