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News — JMIR Publications recently published “A 12-month follow-up of the effects of a digital diabetes prevention program (VP Transform for Prediabetes) on weight and physical activity in adults with prediabetes: secondary analysis” in JMIR Diabetes who reported that previous research has demonstrated the effectiveness of a diabetes prevention program (DPP) in lifestyle modifications that can prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes in people at risk.

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of a digital PPD on weight and physical activity in participants who had completed 12 months of the program.

This study was also a secondary analysis of retrospective data from adults with prediabetes who were enrolled in the VP Transform for Prediabetes program for 12 months of the program.

The program incorporates interactive mobile computing, remote monitoring, evidence-based curriculum, behavior tracking tools, health coaching and online peer support to prevent or delay onset of type 2 diabetes.

The sample consisted of people prediabetes who have completed at least 9 months of the VP Transform for Prediabetes program.

Dr Meshari F. Alwashmi of Memorial University of Newfoundland said, “Diabetes is associated with a significant economic and social burden. Digital diabetes programs, such as VP Transform for prediabetes, have the potential to improve health outcomes while reducing healthcare costs”

Type 2 diabetes can be managed and prevented with lifestyle change programs. Efficacy data from clinical trials demonstrated a marked reduction in the progression of prediabetes to type 2 diabetes mellitus in people who achieved modest weight loss through lifestyle change focused on diet change diet and increased physical activity.

Based on these findings, centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) launched the National Diabetes Prevention Program to help people with prediabetes achieve 5-7% body weight loss.

Diabetes prevention programs have been widely implemented and proven effective in helping individuals reduce weight and improve health-related behaviors, such as physical activity and eating a balanced diet.

blank pulsea global digital health company, adapted the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program to a digital model to enable highly scalable, convenient, and flexible delivery of the CDC’s program.

The effectiveness of the digital PPD, VP Transform for Prediabetes, was previously evaluated over a 4 month period, resulting in an average weight loss of 13.3 pounds after 4 months.

The Alwashmi research team concluded in their JMIR Publications Search Results, “VP Transform for Prediabetes significantly reduces body weight and leads to an increase in total minutes of weekly physical activity. The study results highlight the effectiveness of the program in promoting significant changes in participants’ behaviors, leading to a reduction in their risk of type 2 diabetes.”



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