Journey of The Women Creators Program (Bundle 1)

The female creators of the first batch share their experience and journey of camaraderie with Unreal. .

In March 2021, Asifa India partnered with Unreal Engine and launched its first batch of Women Creators program to empower and inspire women in the animation and visual effects industry to build a community of creators and put more storytellers in the spotlight.

Shruti Verma, Sales Manager, Epic Games India/ASEAN: “We selected talented female artists from diverse backgrounds for the five weeks of WCP and provided them with dedicated Unreal Engine training to help them shape their creative vision. ”

Virtual meetings during the WCP fellowship with participants and mentors

Previous CTO Ananya Srivastava: Linkedin Vimeo

“It was the experience of a lifetime. It was challenging, but the educators and mentors made the training possible. Despite catching covid, I was so looking forward to producing my work. was a blessing in disguise.

Graphic designer Bharti Harale: Linkedin Vimeo

“The Unreal Fellowship Program helped me understand the in-depth process of filmmaking. With such a powerful tool backed by state-of-the-art technology, I am embarking on the creation of a short film and hope that it will take my career in a whole new direction.

Animagic Special Effects director screenwriter creator Gayatri Rao: Linkedin Website Vimeo

“For me, the main takeaways from the WCP scholarship were: the first was the instant world building and play with their library of ready-to-use assets for explorations and the second the photorealistic looking metahumans and Watching them come to life in real time was thrilling.”

Cinematographer Gautami Vegiraju: Linkedin Vimeo website

“My takeaway from the WCP scholarship is: I can learn anything in the world when I choose to. My definition of what a cinematographer can do is completely expanded. Now I’m working to become a DP for the Metaverse which includes everything from gaming to AI and beyond. So I’m super excited about the possibilities in front of me. I’ve learned that I have so many transferable skills for my live work that I could use for the project and I used them and I continue to use my EU transferable skills in live work and vice versa.

ODDJOINT Artistic Director Hina Saiyda: Linkedin Imdb Vimeo

“The WOMEN CREATOR’S program gave me a deep understanding of a system that I thought was only for 3D and animation. The fellowship was a great way for me, coming from a film background, to using the system for virtual productions, storyboarding and shooting breakdowns For me, it was a leap into the depths of the fascinating world of creating video games on a real-time system.

Communication designer Mitra Patil: Linkedin Vimeo

“I had an idea for a long time and was amazed at how unreal helped me translate those ideas and create exceptional transitions from shot to shot. It was a cinematic experience in time. real.

Natalie Millar Jadhav, Executive Producer of Phantom Fx: Linkedin Vimeo Website

“The Unreal Fellowship program was life changing. It was a totally hands-on creative and technical experience that as a producer I hadn’t had in a few years. In my current role, this experience gives me the confidence I need to push our team towards a deeper exploration of the unreal in our pipeline.

Neha Hooda, Executive VFX Producer: Linkedin Vimeo

“The most interesting thing about this program is that the course content is very useful. It is structured in such a way that anyone from a variety of fields can learn and understand with the support of mentors. The second best thing is the support system and the community it creates while pursuing the scholarship.

Media Monks Generalist Unreal Engine Nida Arshia: Linkedin Vimeo

“The key takeaways from the WCP Fellowship Program are: It gives you support and resources to create ‘your own movie’ in a relatively short time. It introduces you to a wider community of creators and mentors from around the world. This gives you immense visibility in the industry. More importantly, you gain a lot of confidence because you understand your own potential.

Parul Wadhwa, Creative Director of Emerging Media: Linkedin website

“I am a very ambitious person and Unreal was a great tool to take my concept to the next level. I learned quickly what to do and what not to do thanks to the tools and the expertise of my teachers.

Director, Producer, 2D Supervisor, Composer, EU Artist Pragti Wadhwa: Linkedin Imdb Vimeo

“My biggest lesson from this program was learning the storytelling process and making my own short film in Unreal Engine without any previous 3D experience. I had doubted myself and my fellow team members , the unreal educators and my mentor, made my creative vision possible.I was super excited to also use Mo-Cap for my Ekam project!!A true tribute to being united with universal energy.

Digital Clay Studios Creative Producer Pratima Pal: Linkedin Vimeo Website

“Unreal Virtual Production has helped me on my creative journey in many ways: I believe it’s the present and the future of gaming and film production. The possibilities are endless and you are part of it. My film “+ve”, which I directed in the program, has so far won 30 awards from all over the world. We expanded our company to Germany this year and are currently exploring markets there for games and movies.

88 Photos lighting artist Rauli Singh: Linkedin Imdb Vimeo

“Unreal helped me in the creation process. When creating a short film, there are many more dependencies, but working in an unreal engine, these dependencies became a powerful tool and helped a lot with d ‘other fusion software.’

Ria Banerjee, Axis Studios Senior Artist: Linkedin Vimeo

“The Unreal Engine Fellowship was such an intense learning experience that I myself am surprised at what I managed to accomplish in the end in such a short time.”

Horizon Institute of Design web designer and developer Rinki Verma: Linkedin Vimeo

“I am so grateful to Asifa India for selecting me for the Epic Game Fellowship’s Amazing Female Creation Program 2021. Having no previous experience with 3D games and software, but thanks to the support of the WCP team, I accomplished much that I never thought possible. I’m proud to say that I’ve worked hard to be where I am, but I definitely couldn’t have made it without the WCP trainers and my mentor.

Rounak Magoo, creative producer of Green Rain Studios: Linkedin Vimeo

“I come from a production background. It was an uplifting experience, where I was able to create a visual montage of the concept. I was very focused and motivated to finish my short film. I was able to explore many ways with the unreal pipeline.

Rutul Patel, Digital District CEO: Linkedin Imdb Vimeo

“I love making things look great. I love how the unreal was able to generate great lighting and moods for my project. The marketplace was a really fun experience to choose assets and some I’m going create myself.”

Shilpa Mehta, Graphic Designer and Arena Animation Mentor: Linkedin Vimeo

“The scholarship program was absolutely epic. For someone like me, who had no knowledge of 3D tools, being able to create a short film in just six weeks was an incredible journey. This was only possible with the deep guidance and immense support of all of Epic Games’ mentors. Unreal broadened my horizons on animation and games.

The deadline for registration is April 18, 2022, 11:59 p.m. (IST). Click to register and nominate here.

The first batch of WCP had the world’s top mentors including – USA’s Dancing Atoms Creative Director Saraswathi Vani Balgam, CDL Founder and Director Charuvi Agarwal, Marta Ampudia Dalmau, Epic Games Tech Evangelist Arvind Neelakantan , Epic Games Technical Account Manager Dean Reinhard, Founder of Green Rain Studios and Unreal Authorized Instructor Partner for Epic Games Karan Parikh.

The WCP Batch Team

Here is what the female mentors of the first group of female creators have to say about the program:

Please enjoy the unreal movies that the mentors have made by clicking on the vimeo link.

Charuvi Agrawal from CDL studio: Imdb Linkedin Vimeo

Marta Ampudia Dalmau: Imdb Linkedin Vimeo

ASIFA International is the world’s oldest reputable organization supporting animation and committed to the welfare of art, creativity and artists with over 40 chapters. Asifa India received its official charter in 2000, it serves the Indian creative community with popular activities such as International Animation Day, Excellence Awards, CG meetups and panel discussions with top experts global.

Saraswathi Vani Balgam: Imdb Linkedin Vimeo

Asifa India Events

ASIFA India is led by “Vani” Saraswathi Balgam and driven with heart by an amazing team of Sanjay Khimesara, Sesha Prasad, Ramakrishnan Vinod, Siva Kasetti, Ramakrishna Polina and Priyanka Ajit. ASIFA India celebrates its 23rd year. It has recently strengthened its core group, volunteer team, city coordinators and evangelists from all over India.

Asifa India Core Team Members

Saraswathi Vani Balgam, President of Asifa India and Creative Director of Dancing Atoms Studios said, “UNREAL changed my life in 2020 and gave me new creative strength. I’m working on writing my preschool show with the unreal animation pipeline in mind.

Sesha Prasad, Central Committee Member of Asifa India and Head of Production at DNEG, said, “The consumption of content in various forms has created wider opportunities not only for VFX gamers, but also for a large number of content creators. The Unreal Fellowship Program is a great opportunity to put women at the center of new content creation.

Sanjay Khimesara, Core Committee Member of Asifa India and Chairman of Arena Animation (Horizon Institute of Design & Head), said, “Asifa India is determined to intensify its efforts to build a strong ecosystem to bridge the gaps by making India a global superpower in this area. space.”

Siva Kumar Kasetty, CTO of Asifa and production and recruitment consultant The monk Studios & Destiny Logic, said: that post-production increased by 49% to Rs 14.4 billion. The Indian government has also recognized the prospects of the AVGC sector for mass employability.

Ramakrishnan Vinod, CFO of Asifa and Head of Accounts and Payroll of Tau Films & Cirqus Arts, said, “The first batch of the Women Creators program has already shown its amazing results and is an important step in empowering talented female creators. and provide a platform to express their creativity. .”

Priyanka Ajit, Director of Asifa India and Producer of Dancing Atoms, said: “The mindset and tools of virtual production can not only lead to better creative results, but also save time and money. potentially important. The female creators of WCP’s first batch have proven themselves right by creating incredible films in just four weeks of training and mentoring sessions.

Asifa India strives to build a community step by step to empower, collaborate and create.

You can apply and register here:

The latest date for the same is April 18, 2022, 11:59 PM (IST)

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