Kenya: Nairobi residents to benefit from “Sakaja Care” program

Nairobi – Nairobi gubernatorial candidate Johnson Sakaja has promised residents of the capital a ‘Sakaja Care’ healthcare package if he succeeds in the August general election.

The UDA candidate said it will help Nairobi residents access health services and have their records in a database through the Sakaja Care card which will complement the services offered by the NHIF card.

“I know there is Baba Care which is offered by Azimio, we are offering Sakaja care in Nairobi where Nairobians will have a card with their information on it and that will complement what the NHIF does,” he said .

He added that the card will contain the history of patients, their conditions, the healthcare facility they attended and the medications they were given to help fill the gaps where patients are asked to purchase medications in outside hospitals, but there is a dedicated budget for medicine in hospitals.

“We will ensure that there is a specific amount of money left in health care. There may not be a shortage of medicine in a hospital, but you are sent to buy in a pharmacy near the hospital and there is a connection between the pharmacy and a certain person in the hospital, it will be resolved through technology,” he said.

Sakaja was speaking at an engagement meeting with the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) which had proposed the Private Sector Economic Manifesto for Nairobi.

The manifesto proposed by KEPSA addresses several issues including disaster and risk management, health care system, transport system, sound management system and safety and security of Nairobians.

Sakaja further noted that for the healthcare system to be streamlined, nurses and doctors need to be motivated, their problems solved and the whole healthcare system decentralized for the wananchi to access.

“Nurses and doctors are unmotivated, they’ve been stuck in the same work groups for a very long time and they’re not staffed. We’re going to fix the HR systems and make sure they’re comfortable,” he said. he declares.

Sakaja promised to ensure that Nairobi is properly structured and that there is order in the county with clear specifications of duties and roles of county employees for the proper functioning of delegated tasks. This will help to avoid excuses from people assigned to perform specific tasks, as is normally the case, especially in an emergency.

“We want a city of order and dignity for all. We will have city managers in each ward who will report to the city’s chief executive. A person who takes care of garbage in Westlands will have nothing to do with garbage in South C,” he said. added.

“We need heavy rails on heavy roads like Thika Road. Initially we were saying that the space used for highway should have been used for heavy rails. Heavy rail transportation needs to be done, there is no there’s no double meaning about it.” he noted.

Other issues he promised to address once in office are solid waste management system, water shortage, safety and security by creating job opportunities for youths and removing several licenses and replacing them with a license that will be acquired online for all businesses in Nairobi.

Ryan H. Bowman