Launch of the financial literacy program for high school students

JACKSON, Tenn. — Global fintech platforms are paving the way for a brighter future with a new program.

Would you be surprised to know that high school students, like many Americans in general, have surprisingly low levels of financial literacy?

In every classroom, there is a growing need for financial education, and this is where Intuitive and the Suh Family Foundation Come in.

Their National Financial Literacy Program aims to help five of the nation’s largest and most underserved school districts.

Through educational simulation within the program, teachers and students gain confidence, resources, and real-world tools to develop smart financial habits.

“And so, in these workshops, we talk about all types of things, right. When it comes to setting up a savings account and a checking account, whether you get a credit card, maybe it’s more important to talk about student loans, but on top of that, within these workshops, also allowing students to get their hands dirty, whether it’s participating in different activities, talking about their own personal experiences and to really push the conversation so they feel more comfortable asking questions,” said Katya Suh, Co-Founder of the Suh Family Foundation.

A lack of financial literacy may be linked to higher debt and less savings, on average.

Experts say 75% of college students graduate unprepared to manage their finances, and only 57% of adults in the United States are financially literate.

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Ryan H. Bowman