‘Look for a Book’ program encourages children to read in Dickinson County

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) — Books have appeared in downtown Iron Mountain in zip-top bags. A woman who likes to read is responsible.

“During the week, I go out and put out little books for people of all ages. Right now it seems like it’s mostly kid-type stuff, but we’re collecting more to put out for people,” said Leann Hutchinson, creator of “Look for a Book.”

Hutchinson launched the “Look for a Book” program just a few weeks ago. Reading is one of her passions and she wants others to discover the love of reading too.

“I love books. Tabloid novelties don’t have the nostalgia that flipping and flipping through a book has. I want to share my love of books with other people,” Hutchinson said.

On Friday, TV6’s Hutchinson and Clint McLeod hid about 20 books in downtown Iron Mountain for community members to find. Hutchinson wants it to become a family activity.

“Most people can spend an evening with family or relax in the evening to share a book with family or friends. I think it’s a way to bring the community together, even if it’s not together here, but together at home,” Hutchinson said.

Each book comes with instructions on how to share your experience on the “Look for a Book” Facebook group to encourage more interaction. Hutchinson says that growing up, reading was part of her daily routine.

“I spent a lot of time doing the ‘Reading Rainbow’ and the prompts to read more books and I think I found a love for having an active imagination,” Hutchinson said.

You can also find some books outside the TV6 Iron Mountain and Kingsford offices. Hutchinson says the best way to get involved is to message the group on Facebook.

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Ryan H. Bowman