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Lafayette, The (KADN)- After Entergy offered $150 credits to struggling customers, many other utility providers asked, what about me? Lafayette Utilities System answers this question.

Air conditioners are working overtime due to the effects of heat on finances, making life difficult for families. Lafayette Utilities System’s “Share The Light” program helps customers help others.

For many, Entergy offering a 150 bill credit to its customers brought a sigh of relief to most.

“It would be beneficial if something did that on my behalf,” says Ashley Lerma.

For others like Ashley Lerma, she hopes others will follow suit and continually get the bill credited as inflation continues to squeeze families’ pockets. “It’s almost like putting a bandage on a really big wound. For some it’s beneficial and hopeful in the moment, but it’s definitely not a long-term solution.”

Rising energy costs being a major factor in alarming utility bills.

Public Information Officer for the Lafayette Utilities System, Alex Antnowitsch, hopes Lafayette residents remember that the Share the Light program is there when needed. “Helping customers who might be having difficulty making payments. Certain times of the year, certain times of the month. It’s just a service we want to provide to make sure our customers are helped when the need is great. ”

Antnowitsch said one of the biggest contributors is residents donating to help others. “People really want to help each other out, and that’s something we always ask if you want to donate. You can do that, you can do that on your bill and tick all the boxes, and it adds an extra dollar. to this. . Or you can do it online and donate there.”

By contacting Catholic Charities of Acadiana, if you are an LUS client, you can let them know that you would like to enroll in the Share the Light program.

If you need help with your electricity bill:

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