Metra Extends $100 Fare Program Through Year’s End Aimed at Attracting Passengers

Metra will continue to sell its new $100 all-zone monthly pass through 2022, as it has proven popular among cyclists.

The agency introduced the “Super Saver” pass on July 1 as a three-month pilot project slated to end on September 30. Officials said the success of the product encouraged them to extend the expiration until December 31.

The advantageous fare, intended to bolster ridership deflated by the COVID-19 pandemic, offers unlimited trips.

July ridership was the highest of 2022, according to the most recent data from the Regional Transportation Authority.

“Metra’s post-pandemic recovery requires that we examine all options on the table to reinvent our service by listening to My Metra passengers, creating new schedules and exploring fare incentives that allow passengers to return or leave. try our system at affordable rates,” executive director Jim Derwinski said in a statement.

“We have been fortunate that regional sales taxes, which support our operations, have remained strong, allowing us to use some of our federal COVID-19 relief funding in more creative ways that directly benefit our passengers.”

The $100 fare is about half the price of monthly passes between downtown Chicago and Arlington Heights, which cost $195.75, or between Naperville and Union Station, which cost $210.25, per example.


“Put simply, it’s a good deal, especially when higher pump and grocery prices impact everyone’s bottom line,” Derwinski said. “Metra is already an extremely affordable alternative to driving, but this pass deal makes the choice even clearer.”

Daily ridership in July 2019 was 6,525,518, according to the Regional Transportation Authority, but commuter numbers plummeted when COVID-19 emerged in 2020.

Daily ridership for July 2022 stands at 2,221,477. This is a spike from the July 2021 tally of 1,608,073.

“Super Saver” passes can be purchased through the Ventra app or from ticket agents. They will show the buyer’s origin zone and destination zone, but are valid throughout the system.

Discounted passes for eligible students, children and seniors are currently $70.

Ryan H. Bowman