Ministry of Education offers Teacher Quality Partnership Program

By Ana Martinez-Ortiz

Earlier this year, Miguel Cardona, the US Secretary of Education, outlined his vision for improving education across the country. His four main points focused on supporting students, reducing opportunity and achievement gaps, improving access to higher education, and ensuring that higher education leads to a successful career.

While his speech detailed how to make these goals a reality, at the heart of the speech was the determination to ensure quality education for all. Teachers play a huge role in achieving an equitable educational field.

On Wednesday, February 24, the US Department of Education announced that it would be accepting applications for the Teacher Quality Partnership program. Under this program, $35 million will be awarded to improve teacher preparation programs at the undergraduate or “fifth grade” or pre-baccalaureate model level.

Residency programs or models, in which people who are new to teaching and who combine academic content and clinical experience, will also be eligible for the award.

“Across the country, we must continue the work needed to develop a strong and diverse workforce of educators for today and tomorrow,” Cardona said in the press release.

Prizes will be awarded based on some of the priorities Cardona listed in his January speech. According to the press release, these include the diversity of educators, the social, emotional and academic needs of students, and equitable student access to opportunities and resources.

High-quality resident models do more than ensure that students have quality teachers who can provide quality education, they also lead to more diversity and higher retention rates, according to the press release.

“Effective programs have positive effects on teacher candidates, including increasing the likelihood that they will remain in the profession, and they increase the impact that good teachers have on student learning,” Cardona said in the Press release.

In addition to the Teacher Quality Partnership program, the US Department of Education encourages individuals to apply for Grow Your Own programs, which help reduce retention rates, support teacher growth, and more.

As Cardona pointed out in his address, now is the time to address education in this country.

“We stand together at a time when our actions as educators will determine our nation’s standing in the world, when our students look to us for more than academics, and when we can collectively lead the healing of our nation,” he said in his speech. . “Let’s move America forward with a greater sense of urgency, purpose and passion.”

Cardona continued, “Now is the time to really reinvent education. This is the time for us to elevate our students, our education system and our country to a level never seen before.

Ryan H. Bowman