Mitsubishi Chemical Launches Corporate Partnership Program “TANAMIN Digital Health Challenge – Creating Hope for All Against Illness” to Support Digital Health Startups, in Collaboration with Plug and Play JapanNEW

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation

TOKYO, June 29, 2022 — Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group (hereinafter “MCHG”) and Plug and Play Japan KK (hereinafter “Plug and Play Japan”) today announced a new startup challenge called “TANAMIN Digital Health Challenge – creating hope for all in the face of disease”, which will be launched in July 2022. In this challenge, MCHG and Plug and Play Japan will accept submissions from digital health startups offering cutting-edge technological solutions to improve the well-being of ALS patients and their families, digitizing decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), or increasing preventive vaccinations in Japan. Challenge finalists will be offered the opportunity to pursue a paid proof of concept with MCHG, opening up a potential long-term partnership with Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma, the pharmaceutical arm of MCHG. In addition, MCHG’s Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) team, consisting of the Venture Department (Japan) and Diamond Edge Ventures (USA), will explore the possibility of equity investments in the finalists. This initiative will support MCHG’s new management policy “Shaping the Future”, released by MCHG President and CEO, Jean-Marc Gilson, in December 2021. This is the second instance of the partnership program company of MCHG, after the success of the KAITEKI Challenge organized last year. Through the partnership in this challenge, MCHG will have access to Plug and Play Japan’s network of over 40,000 startups and their expertise to run startup-corporate partnership programs.
PROGRAM TITLE: “TANAMIN Digital Health Challenge – Creating hope for all who face the disease”
PERIOD OF APPLICATION: June 29, 2022 – August 31, 2022 (Japan time) Please check the special website on TANAMIN Digital Health Challenge for more details. (

  • Opportunities to conduct paid pilot studies, potentially leading to subsequent long-term partnerships with MCHG

  • Potential equity investment by the venture capital arm of MCHG

  • Plug and Play network access

  • Grant of 2.5 million yen* (undiluted)

*Additional grants will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
AREAS OF INTERVENTION: 1. Improve the well-being of ALS patients and their families

  • Aim to increase awareness to seek specialists for the early detection of ALS and to improve the well-being of ALS patients and their loved ones, using digital technologies

2. Digitize decentralized clinical trials (DCTs)

  • Research of digital technologies for general clinical trials (regardless of indication or therapeutic product) to replace or minimize nursing visits

3. Increase preventive vaccinations in Japan

  • Improving Voluntary Vaccine Coverage in Japan by Leveraging Digital Technologies

About Plug and Play JapanPlug and Play Japan was established in 2017 as a subsidiary of Plug and Play, a global innovation platform based in Silicon Valley. Our core strengths are providing consortium-like programs with our extensive global network and supporting startups through venture capital investments. By working closely with more than 45 official partner companies, Plug and Play Japan helps Japanese and international startups scale their businesses and strengthen their collaboration with industry-leading companies.
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About Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings GroupMitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group conducts its corporate and global operations in performance products, industrial materials and healthcare based on the core values ​​of “sustainability”, “health” and ” comfort “. The company creates value for its stakeholders while contributing to the sustainable well-being of people, society and our planet Earth.
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