Money from tax-refund program is the biggest of Missouri governor’s vetoes


Missouri Gov. Mike Parson used his veto to withdraw millions of federal relief fund spending from the state budget, including $500 million to pay for a tax rebate program.

Parson on Thursday privately signed the multiple budget bills that make up the fiscal year 2023 budget. Lawmakers had set the $500 million to pay a tax credit that would refund taxpayers the amount they paid in income taxes up to $500 each. Those earning at least $150,000 individually or $300,000 jointly would not qualify.

The money came from funds divided among states under the American Rescue Plan Act, passed by Congress to provide relief during the coronavirus pandemic. Other vetoes from those funds include $83 million for a new Highway Patrol Law Enforcement Academy, $10 million for charter school maintenance, and money for several local projects.

Parson said in his veto letter that he cut funding for the law enforcement academy because it was not enough to fund the project. Vetoing the tax refund funds, Parson said the bill that created the fund did not include a mechanism for him to pay out the money.

Parson vetoed about $644 million in 32 vetoes over the $47.5 million budget, the governor’s office said in a news release.

“With record revenues, strong economic performance, and significant sums of Missouri federal taxpayer dollars flowing back to our state, this session we met the moment and approved strategic investments that will serve generations of Missourians,” Parson said in the statement.

The vetoes

Primary and secondary education

• ($4,875,000) federal funds for the school remediation program.

• Federal funds ($2,000,000) for a science-based educational software program.

Higher Education

• ($4,000,000) one-time funding for a statewide math supplement program.

• ($2,300,000) for Missouri Southern State University for a statewide precision health and agricultural science program.

• ($400,000) one-time funding for the University of Missouri – School of Law – Domestic Violence and Criminal Law Clinic.

• ($112,500) federal funds for the Urban Capitalism Institute.

Department of Economic Development, Department of Commerce and Insurance, Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

• ($300,000) Economic Development Fund for the repair of storefronts in low-income communities.

Public Safety Department

• ($500,000) for a communications platform for first responders.

• ($500,000) Problem Gambler Fund for a voluntary exclusion program for problem gamblers

Department of Corrections

• ($1,000,000) for a drug treatment program.

Department of Mental Health, Department of Health and Elder Services

• ($1,000,000) for a home pharmaceutical pilot project, including ($500,000) general revenue.

Elected representatives of the State, judicial power, public defender of the State, General Assembly

• ($152,481) and (one) staff for an additional assistant circuit judge for the 11th Judicial Circuit.

US Bailout Act

• ($500,000,000) for the transfer to the Tax Credit Compensation Fund.

• Federal funds ($83,000,000) for the planning, design and construction of a Highway Patrol Law Enforcement Academy.

• ($10,000,000) Lottery Proceeds Fund to maintain charter schools through a grant program.

• Federal stimulus funds ($7,500,000) to modify existing flood plains and diversion areas along Jordan Creek in the City of Springfield.

• Federal Stimulus Funds ($5,000,000) for the maintenance and improvement of the Jefferson Avenue Overpass in the City of Springfield.

• ($4,500,000) federal stimulus funds for Affton School District sidewalks.

• Federal stimulus funds ($3,000,000) for Hancock Place School District sidewalks.

• ($3,000,000) federal stimulus funds for the planning, design, maintenance or construction of a St. Charles County airport.

• Federal funds ($2,800,000) for the development of a vacant commercial property in Dellwood.

• Federal funds ($2,500,000) for the conversion of a vacant Hannibal Hospital into private housing for low-income seniors.

• ($2,000,000) federal stimulus funds for the planning, design, maintenance or construction of economic development corporations in Johnson County.

• Federal stimulus funds ($1,000,000) for a summer camp for young filmmakers.

• ($800,000) for animal abuse investigators to work with law enforcement.

• Federal funds ($300,000) for repairs to the Jenkins Bridge in Barry County.

Source: Office of Administration

Ryan H. Bowman