Neuralign Announces Groundbreaking Program for Dyslexic and Neurodiverse Students

Indrani Pal-Chauduri, Marketing Director of Neuralign

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Dyslexia affects 20% of the world’s population and accounts for 80-90% of all people with learning disabilities. It is the most common of all learning disabilities.

First-ever highly effective cognitive training program for people with dyslexia, neurodiversity and reading difficulties

Neuralign has gained an intimate understanding of how to design and deliver breakthrough brain training techniques to achieve effective, life-changing results for students with dyslexia. »

—Indrani Pal-Chauduri, CMO of Neuralign

NEW YORK, NY, USA, Oct. 12, 2022 / — This month, for Dyslexia Awareness Month, Neuralign, a non-profit organization based in Ottawa and New York, launches a revolutionary cognitive development program for people with dyslexia, neurodiversity and reading difficulties.

Dyslexia affects 20% of the world’s population and 80-90% of people with learning disabilities. Studies show that Neuralign improves reading skills by at least two grade levels in 99% of students after 40 hours.

Neuralign is an evidence-based, process-oriented, targeted and engaging gamified computer program that uses a multi-sensory approach to develop phonemic awareness, graphophonemic knowledge, language structure and accelerated neuroplasticity that resolves most symptoms of dyslexia.

The October launch of Neuralign’s first-ever home version of its proprietary technology coincides with Dyslexia Awareness Month and the launch of its new website,

“Neuralign is created by a neurodiverse team, for the neurodiverse community,” says Indrani Pal-Chauduri, human rights advocate and visionary director of Neuralign. “We aim to give everyone the fundamental right to read.”

Psychologist Kirsten López, who has been using the program since 2018 at her Nevada-based clinic Brain Solutions, says, “Neuralign builds a reading brain. It is a foundational, life-changing program.

Previously, this early technology known as ReadLS/LSWorks was only available through psychologists, occupational therapists and teachers. “We have completed a complete redesign/rebranding as Neuralign, to make this procedure widely accessible, logistically and financially, to the public for the first time,” says Pal-Chaudhuri.

Neuralign harnesses the power of engagement with exciting games, a scoring system, and fun graphics, to help improve executive functioning skills, strengthen coding and decoding skills, and build connections between the auditory and visual pathways necessary for smooth reading.

Neuralign Nonprofit is a thought leader and developer of cutting-edge cognitive development and therapy programs, using original and advanced auditory and visual techniques, based on the most advanced principles of neuroscience and neural plasticity.

“Neuralign has a strong commitment to early multisensory interventions for students with dyslexia, ensuring they are well equipped to succeed,” says Pal-Chaudhuri, who started out as a neurodivergent artist with David Bowie, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. , while supporting education and advocacy initiatives.

Neuralign is delivered online in a growing list of countries and languages, through qualified and exclusive local licensees. In addition, Neuralign is developing other cognitive training and therapy programs to improve new language acquisition and to aid in the treatment of cognition-related challenges, including dementia, stroke, cerebral palsy, and mental illness. autism.

“We are working with city leaders throughout Dyslexia Awareness Month to raise awareness about dyslexia, helping to provide the information, support and resources needed to respond to people struggling with dyslexia and d ‘other reading difficulties when they need it,’ says Pal-Chaudhuri. “Together we can change lives #Until everyone can read.”


Neuralign helps students with dyslexia and learning disabilities achieve reading success, build confidence, and reduce anxiety. Through years of extensive research and fieldwork, Neuralign has gained an intimate understanding of how to design and deliver breakthrough brain training techniques. Developed by a dyslexic family of experts, educators and creators, known as ReadLS/LSWorks, led by Ingrid and Erika Poupart, in Ontario, Canada, Neuralign is launching in October 2022 for the US and Canadian markets with games that have been developed to tackle everything we know about reading. Neuralign’s technology has won numerous awards.


Exclusive distributor of Neuralign in the United States, CanAdvance is dedicated to finding the best approaches for academic and behavioral problems. CanAdvance was founded by Yoel Greenfeld, whose expertise grew as a teacher and principal over twenty years, meeting far too many children with reading difficulties. CEO Moishe Greenfeld joined after seeing the incredible progress CanAdvance and its TOLSIM process are making for children in their community. Since 2017, CanAdvance has worked with children with academic or behavioral challenges and has helped hundreds of students achieve lasting success.


The artist known as Indrani is CVO/CMO, human rights advocate and visiting lecturer at Princeton University. Born in Kolkata, India, she volunteered with Mother Theresa and co-founded the Shakti Empowerment Education Foundation, before studying anthropology at Princeton. There she was mentored by David Bowie who commissioned an album cover and school shooter video, featured in HBO’s “The Last 5 Years.” She created the image of artists such as Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, launching their solo careers, and 300 global brands and non-profit organizations. She went on to become a Cannes Lions, CNN and Tribeca Film Festival award-winning director and photographer, creating transformative, cross-platform works of innovation and impact. Recipient of 40 awards, his work has been presented at Lincoln Center, Center Pompidou and the Smithsonian. Recognized at the United Nations as a Distinguished Fellow for Women’s Entrepreneurship, Indrani leverages her prolific expertise in public speaking and marketing to empower eco-regenerative, equality and neuro-diversity technologies.

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