New Cybersecurity Workforce Development Program Launched by Info-Tech Research Group to Fill Skills Gaps Amid Talent Shortages

Info-Tech’s new cybersecurity training program will develop critical cybersecurity skills that are lacking among IT teams in the face of global cyberattacks and hiring challenges.

TORONTO, November 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – While cyber risks remain rampant, the shortage of cybersecurity talent continues to be a global challenge, leaving organizations vulnerable to attacks that could have a significant impact on the business. To help organizations develop in-house skills and upskill existing IT team members in cybersecurity roles, international IT research and consulting firm Info-Tech Research Group has launched a new cybersecurity workforce.

Info-Tech’s Cybersecurity Workforce Development Program is a six-month, expert-led training program designed to develop critical cybersecurity skills that are lacking within IT organizations through a combination of live virtual lectures, hands-on exercises and cyber labs.

“Organizations can look internally to find the future cybersecurity experts they didn’t know they had,” said Aaron ShumVice President of Security and Privacy Research at Info-Tech Research Group. “Our new development program transforms existing IT staff into much-needed cybersecurity resources, eliminating the long wait to find talent and at a significantly reduced cost of talent acquisition.”

In addition to cybersecurity skills, industry experience and an understanding of organizational culture are essential skills that cybersecurity professionals need to successfully protect the business. By developing IT personnel with existing expertise and knowledge of the culture, the business development program can help improve the overall security posture in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

“The Cybersecurity Workforce Development Program goes beyond knowledge certification to ensure the cybersecurity and operational skills of participating IT professionals,” Shum adds.

Info-Tech’s Cybersecurity Workforce Development program offers the following to develop essential skills for IT teams:

  1. Standardized curriculum with flexible projects adapted to the needs of the company – Participants will learn to identify gaps in individual and organizational cybersecurity technical skills and intelligently design a personalized development plan with personalized learning outcomes to build technical skills to meet business needs and objectives. the company.
  2. Realistic Cyber ​​Range Scenarios – A leading Cyber ​​Range provider will provide hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios through live lab simulations that build technical experience and earn CPE credits.
  3. Ready-to-deploy security deliverables – Participants will create deliverables informed by Info-Tech executives that match the gaps and requirements of their respective organizations. Types of deliverables include a risk register, vulnerability tracker, data security matrix, incident response runbook, and configuration baseline.
  4. A real assurance of skills development – Expert instruction, directed application frameworks, and rigorous assessments are provided to ensure that each participant who completes the program has the cybersecurity skills their organization needs most.

To register for the next January 2023 cohort, visit the Cybersecurity Workforce Development page.

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