New pilot scheme will help residents save money and protect the environment – Essex News Daily

ESSEX COUNTY, NJ – The cities of Glen Ridge, Maplewood, Montclair, South Orange and Verona, all members of the Sustainable Essex Alliance, collectively announced on March 2 the launch of an innovative new pilot program that will help residents save money, improve their quality of life and protect the environment, all at the same time.

The cities of the Sustainable Essex Alliance recently authorized the third round of the energy aggregation supply cooperative. Through this cooperative, the seven towns—Glen Rock and Livingston are also members of the SEA—combine their buying power to purchase electricity generation that is lower priced and greener in content.

The first round started in July 2019 and ended in November 2020. The second round started in April 2021 and will end in August.

“The second round will save a typical PSE&G customer approximately $20 and the energy supply will have 40% renewable energy content; that compares to 23.5% for PSE&G,” Maplewood Deputy Mayor Vic DeLuca told the newspaper March 6. As for the upcoming third round, “electricity prices are very volatile, and if bids are too high, SEA will wait. on a new contract until the pricing is more favorable for our residents.

Now, in addition to the cost and environmental savings that come with SEA, area residents can benefit from the SEA Energy Solutions program, an opportunity for homeowners and households in all five communities to sign up for free virtual energy. and without obligation. online consultation on The specialist will review the energy practices of interested residents and offer solutions that are simple, economical and tailored to their personal needs, all virtually.

“Each of the participating cities is excited to offer the SEA Energy Challenge program to its residents,” Glen Ridge Mayor Stuart Patrick said in a news release. “Whether people want to make their homes more comfortable or simply save money and the environment, SEA Energy Solutions offers many benefits to them and their community.”

Among the choices available to PSE&G customers are home energy audits, lighting and appliance rebates, upgrades to high-efficiency heating and cooling, and even solar power systems with incentives. and attractive financing options. Through the virtual energy consultation, participants will be guided by their energy specialist as to which programs and incentives will best meet their needs. The number of participants is limited by municipality.

“I encourage all South Orange residents to participate in this free, voluntary counseling program that will help you save money and play a part in saving the planet,” said South Orange President, Sheena Collum, in the newspaper on March 7. Our community is fine, but we can do so much more together if we all take personal responsibility and think more about our choices. This opportunity is a handy fruit. How can we live our lives in a more energy-efficient way? You can find out by signing up, which I absolutely intend to do.

In addition, the program will help eligible low- and middle-income households take advantage of a wide range of efficiency measures at little or no cost to these customers.

The SEA Energy Solutions program is designed as a pilot program that will ultimately help create a large-scale residential energy planning and awareness program for participating communities, including other towns in Essex County.

“The beauty of the Energy Aggregation Program is that residents are automatically enrolled and don’t have to do anything to save a few dollars and support the environment. If we are serious about tackling climate change, promoting a cleaner electricity grid is essential. The SEA program increases the demand for renewable energy, which will help in the long run. I’ve been involved from the start and feel like I’m making a difference for the planet and sending less money to big utility companies. I definitely urge our residents to participate,” DeLuca said. “Our new addition, the Energy Efficiency Program, will provide tremendous benefits to our residents. Being more efficient in how we use our resources is also an important step in protecting our planet.

The non-profit organization SmartPower was selected to manage the SEA Energy Solutions program through a competitive request for proposals process. SmartPower has partnered with Abode Energy Management, an energy consulting firm in Concord, Mass., to offer complementary services that will result in a cost effective and highly impactful program for SEA.

“Each of us can be part of the energy solution,” SmartPower President Brian F. Keane said in a press release. “At a time when we urgently need to change our energy consumption habits, SEA Energy Solutions can help energize these efforts. Login to https://seaenergysolutions.wee.greenand start saving energy now.

Ryan H. Bowman