Nexity joins the Polygon DAO Accelerator program after

LOS ANGELES, April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nexity Network has joined Polygon Village, an acceleration program created by Polygon DAO, the Internet of Ethereum Blockchains. The collaboration will see the two decentralized accounting companies work together to grow Nexity’s ecosystem.

In December 2021, Nexity received the Polygon DAO grant to launch the initial development of the proof of concept. Today, Nexity is ready to intensify its collaboration with Polygon DAO, by joining its developer program, Polygon Village. Polygon Village will be the next comprehensive ecosystem that will unite developers, builders, VCs, and other stakeholders under one roof, leading the next wave of innovation in the blockchain industry.

The program will support Nexity’s critical mission with technical development, funding, business development, and access to mentorship for the hypergrowth of top players in the crypto space.

About Polygon, Nexity Catalin Fetean mentioned:

“It is an honor for me to work closely with one of the fastest growing ecosystems in the crypto space by sharing a vision of collaborative operation while co-owning, co-developing World-Web3 and by pooling our resources by rewarding with their grant and joining their accelerator to find more and more real applications for blockchain technology.”

Polygon CAD Charles Nweke also had this to say:

“Nexity is one of the few protocols built on Polygon with products that extend beyond non-financial use cases. Glad to have worked with @eaglelex_eth and other team members at genesis Polygon DAO for approving this grant.”

About Nexity

Nexity Network is reimagining the way society designs, creates and uses the things we need, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear and the way we do business.

It introduces circular business applications like World3 Dapps to articulate the logic of how an organization delivers and captures value to its widest range of stakeholders with obsessive user-centric design while minimizing ecological and social costs. . The team believes blockchain was created for the circular economy and supply chain because it positions stakeholders as points along their infrastructure, forming a blockchain network around businesses and customers called next. economy to create perpetual closed-loop cycled value with zero waste and carbon emissions. .

The team behind Nexity includes Catalin Fetean, co-founder of Nexity, who has a background in sustainability, supply chain, user experience and engineering. He dedicates his life to fueling Nexity’s mission, spreading his vision on the importance of the circular world with the help of a dedicated team.

The founding team also includes co-founder, Tiberiu Serbaneci, with a strong background in IT, supply chain and a passion for how distributed ledgers can be used in collaborative innovation to create sustainable ecosystems.

The core team is made up of dedicated members with a wide range of expertise among blockchain engineers, supply chain managers, UI/UX designers, motion designers, 3D artists, but also a strong network of external partners, capturing: three development partners, one partner for marketing and community management, two partners for advertising and commercial development, one partner for legal and financial matters and two technical universities for R&D.

About Polygon DAO

Polygon DAO is the leading platform for scaling and developing Ethereum infrastructure.

Polygon DAO is the meeting place for present and future communities connected to Polygon, where they can learn, collaborate, work, build and participate in a process of progressive decentralization.

To learn more about how Nexity Network and Polygon DAO plan to collaborate to develop Nexity’s social, environmental and economic initiatives, read their Medium article here.

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