Noname Security joins the F5 Technology Alliance program

We are delighted to announce that Noname Security is now part of the F5 Technology Alliance Program. This partnership is another example of how we have built the most modern and comprehensive API security solution on the market.

In this article, we will describe the partnership and how customers using F5 will benefit from it.

What does it mean?

In F5 terms, being part of their technology alliances means that we are included in their collaboration “with the world’s leading technology companies. Together, through interoperability and integrations, we help our customers secure and deliver extraordinary digital experiences. ” In other words, Noname Security and F5 now have technical integrations that make our products “better together” for our customers.

As a customer, you know that Noname Security’s documentation and software have been reviewed and approved by F5. The Noname Security website is linked directly from the F5 Press page.

Why is this important for customers?

Noname Security is now part of an elite group of technologies like AWS, Cisco, IBMand Microsoft, all of which have developed integrations with F5 technologies. This means you can trust us to be mature in how we handle customer traffic and data. This means that F5 customers can expect support from Noname and F5 if something goes wrong.

Additionally, Noname Security has developed several integrations with F5 technology. For the F5 Local Traffic Management (LTM) platform, we have developed three separate integrations. The first is an integration using clone pools. Another uses a iRulesLX plugin (iLX)and a third uses High Speed ​​Logging (HSL). To be integrated with the F5 NGINX system, we have developed a policy that provides the API data necessary for the Noname Security platform. This means that Noname Security can help virtually all F5 customers, regardless of their infrastructure configuration. Details of these integrations can be found on the Noname documentation page (See F5 LTM & NGINX under “Sources”).

Who uses F5 and why would they want Noname?

F5 is the world’s leading traffic management company. The world’s largest enterprises and highest performing infrastructures use F5 for traffic management, load balancing, high availability, API management, and other infrastructure and security use cases.

Noname Security is integrated with F5 BIG-IP LTM and NGINX at many of its customers across multiple industries: Retail, Telecom, Financial Services and FinTech. F5 is one of the most recognized and successful network infrastructure companies in the world. Their recognition of Noname Security is testament to the maturity and capabilities of the Noname API Security Platform.

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