NORMIPro Monitoring Launches New IAQ Monitoring Program for Indoor Air Quality

The platform connects customers with trained IAQ professionals, helping to deliver cleaner, safer and healthier indoor environments.

NORMI™, the National Organization of Mold Repairers and Inspectors and iQi, the leading manufacturer of high-tech WIFI IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) monitoring equipment, have teamed up to provide one-stop service to customers, residential and commercial, who are concerned with gathering indoor air quality information and resolving existing or potential IAQ issues. Through, customers will be connected with qualified IAQ professionals who can interpret IAQ anomalies and provide holistic solutions to resolve these anomalies and provide cleaner, safer indoor environments. and healthier.

“Our monitors are the stethoscope, the tool for identifying problems,” said Ram Chella, CEO of iQi, “and NORMI provides the doctors who can interpret the information and provide the solution. Never before has a well-trained team of IAQ professionals been able, through a central monitoring program, to improve indoor living and working environments so effectively. We couldn’t be happier with this alliance with NORMI using our hardware and software expertise to help people live better lives.

“For years we’ve dreamed of having this capability, but the technology just hasn’t caught up until now,” reports Doug Hoffman, executive director of NORMI. “Of course, there have been IAQ monitors on the market for years, but being able to tie them together into a central monitoring program where well-trained IAQ professionals can interpret the results and bridge the gap between problems and solutions is finally now possible. Today, it is a reality.”

The program is an affordable, efficient and effective way to measure particulates, relative humidity, temperature, TVOCs, carbon dioxide and formaldehyde in real time, identify problems and alert the professionals who can provide a solution. Using the owner’s secure WIFI service or providing a separate WIFI and/or Zigbee connection allows any environment, residential or commercial, to take advantage of this service. When IAQ parameters move outside established standards or exceed acceptable ranges, alerts are sent to the subscriber through their phone app and advice is given on how to resolve the issue. If necessary, the subscriber would be put in contact with the IAQ professional who could best help him diagnose and resolve the problems.

For more information about the NORMIPro monitoring program, visit or contact NORMIPro at 877.751.5600 or email [email protected]

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