North Korea sends computer scientists to raise funds for nuclear program, says US

North Korea is seeking to generate revenue for its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs by sending computer scientists seeking employment around the world while posing as non-North Korean nationals, states said on Monday. -United.

In an advisory issued by the State and Treasury Departments and the FBI, the United States said the effort was intended to circumvent US and UN sanctions, and warned of potential reputational and legal risks to companies that hire these workers. “The DPRK’s (North Korean) computer scientists provide a critical revenue stream that helps fund the DPRK regime’s highest economic and security priorities, such as its weapons development program,” the report said. notice.

“There are thousands of DPRK IT workers both sent overseas and based in the DPRK, generating revenue that goes to the North Korean government,” he said. “These IT professionals are taking advantage of existing demands for specific IT skills, such as software and mobile application development, to secure freelance work contracts with clients around the world, including North America, Europe and South Asia. ballast.”

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Ryan H. Bowman