NSAV Announces Launch of Tokenization, Enrollment, and Blockchain Program

Net Savings Link, Inc. (NSAV), a cryptocurrency, blockchain and digital asset technology company, today announced the launch of a groundbreaking tokenization, listing and blockchain program. The company will use its vast resources in the areas of crypto and blockchain to help companies tokenize their assets and introduce blockchain into their business. NSAV will target public companies as its primary clients, but will also accept private companies on a selected basis.

While NSAV is currently a digital asset, crypto and blockchain service provider, management believes that expanding our focus as a service provider will continue to grow the company’s revenue by leveraging the ever-increasing demand in the crypto and blockchain sectors. Additionally, management believes that by expanding the service provider portion of NSAV’s business, it will act as a hedge given the current volatility in the crypto market.

Once engaged by the client, NSAV will create a token or coin for their business, either in the form of a traditional cryptocurrency or an NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

NSAV will then support its clients in preparing and setting up their token or coin offering in the form of a private sale, a public presale and finally an ICO or STO.

In a final stage of the program, NSAV will arrange to have the customer’s token, coin or NFT listed on one or more of the company’s crypto exchanges, including its centralized VAEX cryptocurrency exchange and decentralized exchange. cryptocurrency NSAVDEX.

NSAV is currently in advanced negotiations with public companies interested in enrolling in the program.

NSAV further announced the official signing of its partnership with Tiicker. TiiCKER is an industry leader in creating and marketing shareholder loyalty programs and will do the same for NSAV shareholders.

NSAV and Tiicker have just started the integration process and shareholders can expect a major joint press release shortly.

Dato’ Sri Desmond Lim, Acting CEO and Senior Vice President of Cryptocurrency Operations for NSAV and Partner at Silverbear Capital, said: “We are delighted that NSAV is expanding the use of its vast resources in the areas of crypto and blockchain. This is something that should delight all shareholders. »

Mr Lim went on to say, “We are delighted to work with TiiCKER to reward qualified shareholders with benefits for as long as you own NSAV shares. We believe TiiCKER provides us with a unique opportunity to reward shareholders while providing a point of contact to create familiarity and awareness of our products and services. Shareholders should also be very pleased to know that Tiicker has a deep understanding of and is actively involved in the crypto, NFT, and blockchain arenas.

About Ticker

Launched in 2020, TiiCKER invented Verified Stock Benefits and Direct-to-Shareholder Marketing through its web-based and iOS-based mobile app software platform that offers consumers and investors a revolutionary way to engage with brands. that they like. For the 130 million U.S. retail investors, TiiCKER offers unique access to shareholder benefits, commission-free trading, and personalized articles and content to help consumer shareholders discover and connect with the brands they love. . For its public company partners, TiiCKER creates and markets shareholder loyalty programs, helping companies engage and reward their consumers and owners to maximize Shareholder Lifetime Value™.

About NSAV

NSAV’s vision is the creation of a fully integrated technology company, which provides turnkey technology solutions to the cryptocurrency, blockchain and digital asset industries. Over time, the Company plans to provide a wide range of services such as software solutions, e-commerce, financial services, consulting services and information technology.

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