Oakland County Board of Commissioners Approves Gun Buyback Program

(WXYZ) – As the state attempts to address rising gun violence, Oakland County joins the list of areas implementing a gun buy-back program.

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners approved funding for the program by a 14-4 vote Thursday night.

This means that in the future, police departments will hold events where people can exchange unwanted firearms for cash.

“We have received a lot of positive responses from law enforcement and community members. It was fantastic,” Oakland County Commissioner Charlie Cavell said.

Southfield, Royal Oak, Ferndale and Bloomfield Hills are some of the areas that voted yes for the $45,000 earmarked for the pilot program. But some community members did not accept this and questioned its effectiveness in addressing gun violence.

“People who respect their guns and use them appropriately are not the people we need to worry about. These are the people who don’t care about the process, who don’t care about the system,” one public commenter said.

An analysis of gun buy-back programs was presented to the Detroit City Council in 2021. It showed that while the program was successful in getting guns off the streets, it had little impact on tackling gun violence. armed violence.

Still, gun safety advocates like Kids Michigan’s Be Smart Skye Thietten applaud the council’s vote.

“I’m just reinforcing the message that it’s important to secure your firearms, locked, unloaded, with ammunition stored separately,” Thietten said.

Ryan H. Bowman